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It's been a weird day! Midol got me through the worst of it, but I'm considering upgrading to something stronger. But I did get a Last Unicorn fic over at [livejournal.com profile] 31_days.

So there's that.
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We did the bridge walk at the New River Gorge Bridge yesterday! I spent the morning downloading steampunkish music and then the afternoon inching around on rusted metal and bolts and catwalks and the like.

It was awesome and a little scary. All the traffic on the bridge shook the whole structure and the sound was just a roar all the time. And the wind was blowing and the mist was rising and there were falcons cruising around us. Pretty awesome! It took two hours because the group ahead of us was in no hurry, so we spent a long time clinging to the swaying rails just waiting for the herd to move on.

Also, I haven't posted the last two 31_days fics I've done, so here they are: A Last Unicorn and a Watchmen one.
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It is done!

This one was harder than past years. The requester very kindly gave a whole list of potential fandoms to use, it's just that I knew like two of them! And even those I hadn't seen in years. So I had to do some research to give the poor requester at least a few things they knew, and when I really couldn't think of anything to write, I snuck my own fandoms in here and there to fill in the gaps.

The 31_days Fic Exchange 2011 )


Not a Geek

Feb. 2nd, 2009 01:45 am
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Fic of the Day:Last Unicorn

This morning, I dragged myself off to the bathroom to wash my face and I had to grin at my reflection. Not only was my bedhead spectacular, but I was wearing a Pirates of the Caribbean medallion, an Elfquest tanktop, and Invader Zim pajama bottoms. No sir, not geeky at all.
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Fic of the Day: Last Unicorn

Wish me luck! Two Christmas programs in one day. Phew!
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Fic for today: The Last Unicorn

So, the cat showed up at 2 am this morning after I had worked myself into a full lather worrying about him. And then I couldn't get back to sleep, so I lurched to work this morning all groggy and weird. We made handprint elephants today. They're pretty cute. (Kid traces own hand on construction paper and cuts it out, thumb becomes trunk, fingers become legs, add a googly eye and a crayon-drawn smile and viola! Elephant!)

On Friday, I came down with my first cold of the school year, and since the hospital is closed on weekends and in this case, on Monday too, I just had to tough it out. My throat was so sore, I considered hurting myself just enough to get into ER and then begging whoever got me to check my throat too. I'm sure I'm not the first one to consider that. Village life is frought with wackiness.

Being in Alaska, we've been tossing around 'Palin as VP' opinions. The phrase "She's a babe." keeps turning up in conversation. And while her environmental and abortion views were discussed, I had the great idea for the compromise of killing fetuses from helicopters. Then everybody's happy. Luckily, I had the good sense not to say that out loud. Sleep-deprived people on lots of cold medication shouldn't enter political discussions.
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Gah, it's hot.

My computer is still in the shop so we're still passing around Dad's. Connection is so sloowww.

But anyway, did Last Unicorn fic today. It's just a short one, but it's too hot to be near laptop for very long.
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Two things happened today.

Well, lots of things happened, but the two I'm going to mention are these:

1.) I wrote a ficlet for The Last Unicorn for [livejournal.com profile] 31_days. Nothing remarkable, but the idea pinged into my head when I was supposed to be making a lunch and I slammed it out and went to work pleased with myself, even though I had to eat cafeteria sloppy joes.


2.) We had a fire drill today. In roaring, driving winds that peppered us with snow and ice bits off the roof. With fourteen three year olds, who were freaked out by the fire alarm, and too short to wade through the snow covering the stairs we had to evacuate down. It was like a very low-budget horror movie with the alarm going off, the wind howling, not being able to see for the blizzard whirling around us, calling the childrens' names into the haze, and then seeing these waist-high creatures with wailing banshee faces lurching towards me with outstretched hands. One girl's parka ruff froze to the tears and mucus running down her face. All in all, not our most successful outing.
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Wow. I’m just worn out today. I wrote a Last Unicorn fic for [livejournal.com profile] 31_days, but that’s about all I managed. Unless you count yelling at little children as an accomplishment. If so, I got a lot done.

I’m all CNNed out too. Since most of my family is in the education profession and since Blacksburg is not that far from our home town, we’ve been following the VT shootings pretty closely. It’s so sad. And watching the shooter’s little manifesto video reminded me so much of the kids in this town. So angry and hateful and convinced that nothing is their own fault. Sigh.

In happier news, we’re dog-sitting. There’s a chocolate lab and a dachsund tearing around the place. The cats are not amused., but it’s nice to see somebody happy and enthusiastic for a change!


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