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I R crafty. Or something. I've spent all week making these things.

Halloweeny Mason jar votives, unlit and lit.




And some M&M critters.

I also made little mini pumpkin pies. They smelled wonderful and yet I didn't eat even one. That's what a good dieter I am. And besides, we're raising money for orphans. Can't be eatin' up the wares.
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I spent Halloween weekend working on my essay and handing out candy. I kept the tv on for atmosphere and got some decent Halloween-mood movies in. Some were on tv and some I had to dig out.

1. Hocus Pocus Fave thing: The child-summoning song.

2. Beetlejuice Fave thing: The suit!

3. Dog Soldiers Fave thing: “You’re behind me, aren’t you?”

4. Predator Fave thing: All the Predator noises and voice recordings.

5. Freddy vs. Jason Fave thing: The jumping out of the water scene near the end.

6. Sleepy Hollow Fave thing: The Headless Horseman on the move.

7. Hellsing Ultimate Fave thing: Walter’s wire attack. So. Bad. Ass.

8. Clue Fave thing: The outfits

9. Evil Dead 2 Fave thing: How genuinely hysterical everyone acts.

10. Little Shop of Horrors Fave thing: Singing along. The pov scene from inside the mouth.
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Phwah! I'm about to crash. And hopefully I won't have nightmares about doors. I watched Coraline with Jay and the vibrating door with the Other Mother screaming "Don't leave me!" always spooks me, and then I was channel-surfing and saw the door scene in Ginger Snaps, which set me up to stare at my own door all night. Unless I just go to sleep.

Had a pretty busy day. Did 8 loads of laundry (still need to dry the last one) made a pie, updated a fic, did the annual Halloweenie pic. And got all dressed up to hand out candy. I was a Nocker from the Changeling game, though I could probably be mistaken for vaguely steampunky beer wench too.

Tomorrow will also be a busy day. I have to finish my lesson plans and my last October project. I'm a little behind. I had hoped I would be done with it this week, but it still needs some work. I also owe [livejournal.com profile] siarwenevenstar a chapter and I'm going to try to do better with [livejournal.com profile] 31_days. I've been too busy for it. And I'm wayyyyy too busy for NaNoWriMo, as much as I would love to do that eventually. Sigh.

Watching an investigation of the Beast of Gévaudan case is nowhere near as scary as Ginger Snaps, but sure has some graphic re-enactments. Yuck. I'm going to bed.
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Fic of the Day: Hellsing

Still sick. I was pretty sure I had a fever the other night, but there wasn't a thermometer in the house since the last move, and it was too late to get one, so I took NyQuil and crashed. And now I have a fever blister, so I'm pretty sure I was right.

In the meantime, I shop for Halloween costumes. Yes, it's early. But since we have to do everything by mail, you want time to make returns or whatever before the big day. My dilemma is that I work with preschool kids, so I need a costume that I can move* in, and that isn't too scary, or 'sexy'. Finding an adult woman's costume that isn't making an attempt at sexy is difficult. Since there's a 50s costume party coming up, I thought I'd find something like that, but the 'Flirty 50s' have ultra mini poodle skirts and 'June Cleavage' which is open to the waist. That's not going to work. Sexy witches, sexy pirates, sexy cheerleaders, sexy brownie scouts(?!?), sexy Vikings, sexy ghosts, you name it.

It's also going to be cold in Barrow at the end of October. There will be snow, and most likely a biting wind. If you're going to wear a sexy costume here, it had better be sexy zombie so you can pretend the blue tint and the patches of frostbites are part of the look.

*Bend over to tie shoes, zip coats, etc. Climb up to get them off the jungle gym when they lose nerve and get stuck. Crawl under tables to pull them out when they decide that if they can't have the blue scissors, then they'll just get underneath the furniture and scream. Sprint across the room to snatch them away from the plug outlet when they try to stick a safety pin in it. That sort of thing.


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