Feb. 5th, 2017 03:48 pm
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I have to clean. You don't even know. I have let it get so bad. Every room in the house is a mess. Am I doing it? Nope. Here I sit, watching Bigfoot shows. I need to get the timer and set it for an hour and work in each room from now until it's time to go to bed. I also need to go fill up the car with gas since it's my turn to drive carpool this week. But first, I think I will watch this show about the haunted Portland underground.

One thing I have done! I did a Strange Magic fic for [livejournal.com profile] 31_days. I'm not entirely useless.


Jun. 8th, 2016 09:31 pm
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Today's fic was a Strange Magic.

My usual summer baking impulses are flaring up hard. Something about a vacation where I'm near the kitchen all day makes me think I could recreate the food in the Ghibli films, or Jake's Adventure Time sandwich, or all those Harry Potter House-themed cocktails.

In other news, I'm growing pumpkins and milkweed.
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Well, I think I've eaten just about everything easy to make in the house. I put a small pot roast in the crock pot yesterday morning and I've gnawed my way through it. Now I have a crock pot of beef broth with some carrot and potato mush in the bottom. If I added rice or noodles, would it be soup? Something to consider for tomorrow when I start pacing the rooms again.

Church is cancelled in the morning, which means it's bad all over. I can't even see my car under the snow now. School's been out since Wednesday noon so I've had time to eat my way through all the waffle mix, (I got a waffle iron for Xmas)all the freezer food (to be fair it was a pizza and a lean cuisine meal), the pot roast, most of a bag of tortillas, half a carton of eggs, all the milk, a pie, what was left of a can of reddi-whip, and a pan of walnut brownies I made just in case the neighbors came to shovel the walk again. They didn't, and as the snow continued to fall, I ate them all myself.

I've also written random pieces for all three of the main WIPs I want to finish and sketched out two OCs for one of them. My plan was to do some Strange Magic fan art to celebrate the year's anniversary. (It's today!) But instead I drew a surly bat prince and his kangaroo mousie wifey. Because yeah.
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First day back at work! If we get any more kids, they’ll have to hire another teacher, but in the meantime, I have the whole grade to myself! Bwahahaaaaaugh! So, we have a new principal, three new teachers, one new aide and I have to move rooms. Luckily, my co-teacher is the queen of organized get-things-donedness and she has busted all manner of humps to get it finished already.

Meanwhile, I did a Strange Magic fic for today, then realized I hadn’t linked to some of the others ones. There’s a Mad Max one, a Pacific Rim one, and another Mad Max one that I forgot to link up. It may only matter to me, but I like to be able to find all my little ficcies every now and then.

Tomorrow, we schedule home visits. God helps us all.
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The end of summer that is. I have begun my annual "too-much-to-do-so-a-little-more-to-even-it-out-may-tip-me-into-madness" frenzy.

As one of those extra things, I have written a Strange Magic fic at [livejournal.com profile] 31_days.

So much to do! So much to think about! So what am I actually doing? Filling up my tumblr queue and watching clips of The Nightly Show on Hulu and writing fanficlets.

But, the good news is that I have finished all my fair projects.
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So, I dragged my poor friend Debbie to see Strange Magic again. I dragged her to it once before with the promise of Alan Cumming’s voice and she spent the last ten minutes of the movie in a fetal position saying “I can’t. I can’t!”

However, it stayed on her mind, because a few days later, she decided she could and was ready to see it again. The bad news was that the release of Spongebob and 50 Shades had scooted it out of the local theaters. And I live in a rural area, so ‘local’ means ‘within a two hour drive’.

We were not to be deterred, however. Some of you may remember that not long ago, I was living in Barrow, Alaska which has no theaters at all, or roads, so that you have to fly to a town that has those things and spend the weekend, as well as quite a bit of money. This is why, every time anyone sneered at how bad a movie Watchmen was, I could proudly say I spent $600 to see it. (Plane ticket to and from Fairbanks, crappy hotel for the night, four fast food meals, two taxi rides, plus the movie tickets.)

Anyway, we learned that there was a theater in Martinsville (three and a half hours away) that was still playing it and lo! We had time to get there for the afternoon show. So we went. We drove. We talked and sang along to the soundtrack and made fun of ourselves for being such dorks. It was Valentine’s Day, and we were off on a trek to see a movie that we had already seen for no other reason than adventure.

I have to say that the Hollywood Theater is an adventure all by itself. GPS took us to a Walmart parking lot and we were confused until Debbie spotted the marquee sign. All by itself. In the woods. On the side of a hill. Closer inspection revealed a tiny little road leading up the hill into the trees. A very steep hill. So steep that stuff in the car floor rolled to the back. And on top of the hill, a little theater. And a snow plow, which we laughed at, but should have taken as an omen. At the moment, it was a clear, sunny day.

Strange Magic continues to delight me. I cackle and clap like a fangirly seal. People wandered in and out of the theater the whole time. It was explained to me that if you bought a ticket for a movie that hadn't started yet, you could mill around in the other theaters until time. News to me. But all good.

We ate at La Parrell that was across the street from the Walmart and very good and then headed home. We were cruising the backroads to Floyd, VA when the snow began, and by the time we were at Blacksburg, we couldn’t see a thing. I got Debbie home and debated my options. I really couldn’t afford to get a hotel and the cat needed her shot and there were cars still on the road, so I decided to chance it.

It was a white-knuckled, praying out loud, sliding all over with the semi in front of me going sideways, sweet Jesus no, driving the rest of the way at 10mph with the flashers on so it took another two hours kind of time. But! I made it. I had to sit in a hot bath and talk to myself a little while afterwards to settle down, but I made it home safe. And I got to watch Strange Magic one more time and hang out with Debbie which is always fun.
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Meanwhile, I went to see Strange Magic. I originally didn’t want to. The trailers looked pretty terrible, but then tumblr lit up with how fun it was and how the hot villain was voiced by Alan Cumming and I said “Ok, I’m in.”

And I am! It had its problems, not the least of which was the moral issue of using a love potion being glossed over, and there is the occasional outburst of song, but I loved it and I want to go see it again. I would’ve gotten the soundtrack, but the walmart between the theater and home didn’t have it.

So, long story short: Strange Magic’s trailer doesn’t do it ANY justice, I like occasional outbursts of song, Alan Cumming continues to be attractive, and hero/villain romances are one of my things. Go see it!


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