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Back at the vet with Froud. Her face cancer is back and now she’s gotta go in every day this week for fluids. And I’ve gotta pay for it, which makes my stomach hurt a little. Not as bad as her face hurts, probably. Also, I wrote a Pacific Rim fic for the other day.
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First day back at work! If we get any more kids, they’ll have to hire another teacher, but in the meantime, I have the whole grade to myself! Bwahahaaaaaugh! So, we have a new principal, three new teachers, one new aide and I have to move rooms. Luckily, my co-teacher is the queen of organized get-things-donedness and she has busted all manner of humps to get it finished already.

Meanwhile, I did a Strange Magic fic for today, then realized I hadn’t linked to some of the others ones. There’s a Mad Max one, a Pacific Rim one, and another Mad Max one that I forgot to link up. It may only matter to me, but I like to be able to find all my little ficcies every now and then.

Tomorrow, we schedule home visits. God helps us all.
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Today, I thought about what Freddy Mercury would've been like if he was still alive. What would he be like old? What other things would he have created? I sang along really loudly with Somebody to Love to lament what might have been and celebrate what actually was. Because that was pretty great, too.

Also, I wrote a Pacific Rim fic a few days ago. And now it is the weekend once again! Thank goodness.
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Alas, poor mouse didn't make it. I found his crumpled body, and that of one of his friends on my pile of clean towels. They both had their heads so I suspect the boy. I named them Yorick and Horatio and gave them a back porch funeral. (Picked them up with a paper towel and flung them off the porch into the back yard)

But I did get a Pacific Rim fix written over at [livejournal.com profile] 31_days. So it wasn't all dead mice and Shakespeare.
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My 'Chapter-a-Day' project at [livejournal.com profile] 31_days is finished! I used all 31 prompts to write a chapter a day of a (wandering) little fanfic. Now I need to a title for the whole thing. Here it is if anyone is interested.

Needs a Title )

Meanwhile, I was dismayed at the selection of colors available for the Lands End mocs, because I love those shoes and I was hoping to get some green or even aqua ones. All they have now though is black, tan, and navy. I didn't want any of those. However, youth sizes come in brighter colors AND were 50% off! Turns out, my usual 8.5 translates pretty nicely to a youth size 7 and now I have some cute rosey-pink mocs for half off! Such a productive day.
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Kittycat is still hanging in there. She is about finished with this batch of antibiotics. There is maybe half a dose left in the bottle and the little lady is going to have it. Her staggers and wobbles were all gone the first day which is a relief, but her blood work is still all crazed and she might still need insulin. We shall see. As it is, she snores so loudly, I thought there was an intruder in the house. Yeesh.

I have made myself another writing challenge. It is much like the last one, but this time, I'm going to try to go the whole month, writing a chapter a day, based on May's prompts over at [livejournal.com profile] 31_days. Here goes.

Meanwhile, the first month of the diet is over and I've only cheated a little bit with stuff that is technically allowed. I've learned that Walden Farms peanut butter tastes like the grease used to lube the machine that actually makes peanut butter. Maybe I can doctor it up enough to suit me.
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It is finished! I finished the month out on 31_days doing a chunk of fic a day for the last eleven prompts. Phase 11 of the weird Pacific Rim fic is done.

And, the vet says kitty should be all right. She gave me some antibiotics for him and says a week of that should put him right. So yay! And of course, he takes much more offense at a eyedropper full of medication than he did the fish hook.
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You know those Schticky rolly things they sell on tv? I got one at Walmart awhile back and it works great. I have cats and with cats you will have shed hair, clawed cardboard from their scratcher, scattered kibble, and today, the clipped off barbs off fish hooks. It's great for getting up those.

I live in an old house, and one of the previous owners left a weird tangle of wire and three-pronged fish hooks hanging on a hook in the back room of the basement. I don't fish, especially for anything I need a three-pronged hook for, and I really didn't have a better place for it, so I just left it there. That was two years ago.

I usually keep the back room in the basement closed, because it's the back room in the basement and that's where anything creepy will manifest if it happens. It got damp in there over the winter though and was smelling musty, so around Christmas time, I left the door open to let it air out. So, about three months ago.

Today, I was getting a load of laundry when I heard a crash and a commotion from the basement. You never want to hear a commotion from the basement when you live alone in an old house and you know the back room of the basement has been left open. But, then I heard this soft yowling and I relaxed. The crazy cat was up to something. So I got the rest of the laundry and started down. The yowling got louder and more frantic and it was coming from the dark recesses of the back room in the basement.

I was there with a laundry basket on my hip thinking, ok, this is how the creepy thing gets me. I go into the dark to find my kitty and instead there is something horrible imitating his meows to lure me in to the back room from which I will never emerge again. But I went anyway. He's my baby. I raised him on an eyedropper when I found him and sisters in a box on the side of the road. And I had a whole basket of dirty clothes to protect me.

I venture in, turn on the light, and look around. I can't see him, but I can hear him. It's a small room so there's only so many places he could be. And then I see him, hanging onto the back wall, trying to clamber up because somehow he is dangling from the fishhook wire and one of those three-pronged hooks is right through his face. I probably screamed, but I don't remember.

So I grabbed him and lifted him to keep the strain off and he got himself all tangled in wire. I got him upstairs and ruined a pair of shears cutting through the wire so that it was only one hook we had to deal with. I knew I didn't have anything that would cut through the fish hook, so I scampered across to my neighbor's house to ask to borrow some wire cutters. He lent me some and I wrapped the cat in a blanket to keep from getting clawed, pinned him down, pushed the hook through until I could reach the barb, clipped it off in two tries, and then pulled the whole hook off. Phew.

Then, I held him down again for some hydrogen peroxide. I'll call the vet on Monday to see what else I need to do. Do cats get tetanus? I don't even know.

But! that still left me with a patch of floor covered in hair, claw marks, and the clipped off barbs of fishhooks. With the Schticky, I was able to roll them all up and then check to be sure I had them all so I wouldn't find them by accident one barefoot day. They were all there so I picked them off and threw them away, and rinsed off the Schticky so it would be ready for another adventure. Seriously, that thing works great. I wonder if they make wire cutters.

Long story short: Cat. Fish hooks in the face. I went from
 photo 1c47d924.gif to  photo megcanhandleit_zps0220f35f.gif
and the hooks are now safely away. Also I got Phase 9 up. Just two more to go!


Mar. 28th, 2014 09:42 pm
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I forgot to post that Phase 7 was up yesterday and Phase 8 is up today.

Meanwhile,I have made it to the weekend only slightly Meniere's-stricken and papercut. Yay! We don't have much in the way of spring break left thanks to all the snow days, but we have a very short one and I need it bad. I have to spend one day of it at the dentist, but hopefully that chunk of my jawbone has grown back and nothing drastic will have to happen.
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Phase 6 is up, which means I am halfway finished! I also start the Ideal Protein diet tomorrow. Again. Turns out there is price to eating the free school lunch.

But, I think this might be the last snow day of this school year. After this, I'll have to pray for floods and power outages when I don't want to get out of bed in the morning.
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Phase 5 is up!

And the weather is miserable. I could not BELIEVE we didn't have a delay this morning and putting to work down the side of a mountain in 0 visibility as the wind and snow howled around the car, my language may have been a little strong for an ECE teacher. I couldn't see a thing and if I tried to use high beams, the snow looked like my 35 mph had suddenly gone to warp. My greatest fear was that a deer would throw itself out in front of me again. I hate when they do that. It unnerves me so.

I have driven all the way to work insulting deer under my breath. It's usually something along the lines of why such beautiful morons would want to die, and then I scream and slam on the brakes as one goes tap dancing across the road in front of me. None of these things I want to do on a slick road when I can't see a thing. It's like What's Opera, Doc, only I'm Elmer and I just want to safely get to work, and Bugs Bunny is a deer. And like Elmer, I really would be horrified if I killed one.

opera dance photo OperaDoc.gif
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Phase 4 is up. And it might actually snow again tonight? My poor geraniums aren't ever going to get moved back outside at this rate. If it's gonna though, I hope it goes all out.

Oh well.

Mar. 23rd, 2014 04:42 pm
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Ok, so I really didn't know what I was going to write for phase 3, but sometime before the sun rose this morning, snuggled under my pile of blankets, I got the best idea for it. It was brilliant and it would be so easy! Yes! I cheered silently in my head. That is it! I'll do that the minute I get up.

And then I went back to sleep.

You know exactly what happened.

When I did get up, I had no memory of anything that I thought of, just that I had thought it. So I had to slug away at this all day and I can't shake the feeling that it was so much better in the lost memory.
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Had a fanfic idea and maybe I'll pull it off and maybe I won't. We'll see. Phase 1 is posted here. Meanwhile, it is still deliciously gorgeous outside. I'm trying to find someone around here that wants to go out and do something because if I have to stay indoors, it's going to be with all the windows wide open and the Legend soundtrack blaring.

(I know it's dangerous to be out in the world with headphones on too loud, but once on a wood path, I played Legend songs and ran through the woods and if I had been throwing glitter in the air as I went, it would've been perfect.)


Oct. 9th, 2013 09:08 pm
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I managed to do a Pacific Rim fic. Took me a few days, but there it is. Ok, time for bed.
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It was glorious. Robots vs monsters and no whining teenagers with personality problems (and while there was a few daddy issues, they were background issues instead of character attributes) to get in the way of robot vs monster battles.

And I can usually take or leave 3D, but this was really good. And they found a fantastic little actress in baby Mako. That poor child's distress was palpable. Also, best jaeger name has to be Coyote Tango.

Plus Ron Perlman! How can you not love Ron Perlman??

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