Nov. 7th, 2009

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Summarize 10 of your fandoms in one sentence, then see who on your friends list can guess each fandom.

1. A stubborn girl trying to get home falls prey to a loved one and in love with a predator. The 10th Kingdom

2. Third time’s the charm, but the charm is scary and has bad teeth, a loud suit, and the stink of the grave. Beetlejuice

3. Costumes and good intentions aren’t enough to make a hero by themselves. Watchmen

4. An old man (or is he?) roams the world and haunts the hearth with his dog and a tale to tell. The Storyteller

5. An orphaned girl makes dangerous alliances to protect her family name. Hellsing

6. The last of her race searches for her own kind and falls in love with the son of the man who hunted her kind out. The Last Unicorn

7. A group of outsiders follow a psychic hunch to escape the destruction of their home. Watership Down

8. A restless soul returns for revenge and do-goodery. The Crow

9. Two supernatural women compete for the love of a mortal man.

10. A misfit prince learns about war and his own lineage the hard way.

I have weird fandoms, but some of them should be guessable. I'll mark them off as revealed.


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