Feb. 28th, 2009

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I was at the bank today, and a guy came in with a walrus skull. Tusks and all. It looked so old and weathered that my first thought was that it might be a smilodon. They still find mammoth parts up here every now and then, so why not a smilodon? But when he moved his arm, I could tell it was a walrus. Crusty as it looked, I was surprised they let him carry it into the bank. Of course, this is the bank where there was a sign on the door reminding sno-mobiling patrons to remove their ski-masks before entering.

This was a wild week. I called in sick yesterday when my stomach hurt so bad. I don't know what that was about, but it's gone now. And my kids were completely off the charts in crazy behavior. All week long. It was unreal. We looked all over for a calendar with moon phases to see if it was a full moon, and it wasn't. Maybe it was the change in barometer. The weather went from appalling to unreasonably good and now we're back to nasty.
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I was right! The storm is upon us!

I have got to get my camera fixed so I can take pictures out my windows again. (I have got the creepy spinster lady thing down!) You should see the wind and the snow and the drifts piling up around everything... Oh wait. Webcam!

It remains to be seen if this will keep the Queen Mother and I from sallying forth for Chocolate Night. Knowing us, we'll be out there in it.


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