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Jan. 2nd, 2017 09:11 am
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January was my month to make prompts for [livejournal.com profile] 31_days. I should make an effort to start doing those again. It's always fun to write even a little thing, but I haven't written much since Nanowrimo. Except for the fanfic about the pipeline because I write that to keep from giving in to despair at the pipeline meetings.

So, if anybody else resolved to write more or just get their creative groove back this year, might I suggest [livejournal.com profile] 31_days?

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Here's the thing...

I started writing a fanficcy thing expecting it to be short and sweet and whatever. I gave it a cutesy title based on the first few sections and posted it as it was written and now I've run into a dilemma.

Me, being me, went completely off road with the fic and now there's plot and intrigue on the way and it looks like it it's going to be maybe a little sprawling and the title might not be that appropriate anymore. Should I end little ficcy at a fitting spot and carry on with the plot and the intrigue in a new fic, or just go for it and let the crazy happen?

Any suggestions?
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This year’s Nanowrimo is going pretty well, but there isn’t as much research. Last year I had a whole list of things, I had to look up like Rom tattoos, Haitian slang, side effects of syphilis, wheel chair karma sutra, and how to marry a foreign national you meet whilst invading their country. This year the only thing I’ve had to look up is the courtship behavior of harbor seals. (If you’re curious, there’s lots of splashing and bubbles and flipper biting. So romantic. )

But! I have 2,767 words left and more than a week left, so I think I've got this thing!
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Yeesh. I can't read my own writing. Or I can't find my own writing.

When I can't be writing, I am writing down what I want to be writing. So all this time when I haven't been writing, I have been making lists of what I will write when I have time. Well, Christmas break is a-coming up, so I'll have time, but now I have pandemonium on scrap paper to make sense of. Just. Um. It's a mess. And I can't find my notes on the main one I want to work on. All I remember is one line from it and I can probably write the rest, but I'm afraid I'll miss something, so I want to see my notes.

Meanwhile, I write other things. Typety typety.
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Last few days to finish my nanowrimo! I still have 6,417 words left, but I think I can make it. My search history is still great fun for me. I try to imagine what people would guess my story is about by reading them. Hey, maybe these will give somebody a good idea for next year.

Recent searches:
what date is midsummer
small towns near san francisco
fighter pilots under high g
haitian omens of death
how to do a tattoo at home
korean translation for white cat
army medical ranks
dimensional portal opening materials
paralysis sex
Lichtenberg figures
can you scream when being electrocuted
haitian for big dog
best salve for tattoo
sex in wheelchair
hellfire club
cathedral with bone structures
symptoms of nerve damage
poisons around the house
fates and norns names
prophetic dreams
how to tell when fire is an arson
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I was sitting here, trying to write out a fanfiction gap (I have the scene before and after written and now I must bridge them!) with my music on shuffle and all of a sudden, Shel Silverstein's voice tears through the reverie and scares me half to death. I had forgotten that I uploaded the poem cd from work and Mr. Silverstein's voice is startling after humming along to Marceline's Daddy song.

My bonkers thought of the week is that if I die, my fanfiction will be unfinished. That occurred to me on the way to lunch. So, I've gone all typety, to try and get to the end before I die. I have about 6 WIPs floating out there in the Watchmen fandom alone, so I'd better get crackin'.
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Nanowrimo was off to a slow start. But! I was hacking away to get something on it and then I hit upon a visual that made me chortle to myself. Just writing it made me grin. It involves a castle full of vampires suddenly being submerged in water and three or four massive crocodiles just cruising through the water-filled corridors eating the floundering vampires like popcorn.

I don't know why that delights me, but it does.

Now I'm typing away.

Crocodiles eating vampires should not be so inspiring (or amusing) but I'll take it.
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Fanfiction night. Reading and writing it.

I have to squeeze in an extra chapter in between the one I was working on. I was working on it when the word came from Aurora and I had to stop for a bit. So... new conversation-y chapter to buffer until I can work up the stomach to finish the shoot-em-up chapter. Urf.

Also tempted to do an artsy thing (is it fanart if it's for your own work and your work is a fanwork of someone else's?) for each of my fics, but that could take awhile!
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It has happened again.

I have finished one fanfic and was going to try to finish another WIP but once again, I have lost my notes. I know where the last place I saw them was. But they are not there now. How it vexes and confounds me.

I blame goblins.
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Halfway through Nanowrimo. I have a few gaps, the main one being a scene I just don't want to write and a few others where I don't know how to segue to the next part just yet. We have tommyguns now, and some UST with the absolutely WRONG person, if he is a person, which is debatable. Hmm.

In nothing else, focusing on writing one thing for Nanowrimo has given me lots of ideas for my other fics in process, which I think is my brain just being contrary. "Nice and busy on that thing, huh?" my brain says. "I just thought of something that could be done with werewolves on the beach at sunset, if you're interested. And no worries, if you aren't, I'll just forget it."

Ito doesn't help that I also put a vanilla buttercream scent in the scentsy warmer and I keep catching myself roaming the house for cookies.


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