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What a day.

Last day before the kids come. We have home visits tomorrow and as much as I work myself into a lather about them, they're never very bad. I still don't know if there will be one class or two but I'm doing all the visits just in case. I am so lucky to have the co-worker I do. She is amazing and driven and organized and I can usually only manage to do one of those things at a time.

But I hurried back to go turn in the fair entries with the clan and that was an ordeal in itself.

I made it home too late to finish mowing, but I did manage a Mad Max fic for [livejournal.com profile] 31_days. I'm not sure I have the strength for yard work anyway.
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First day back at work! If we get any more kids, they’ll have to hire another teacher, but in the meantime, I have the whole grade to myself! Bwahahaaaaaugh! So, we have a new principal, three new teachers, one new aide and I have to move rooms. Luckily, my co-teacher is the queen of organized get-things-donedness and she has busted all manner of humps to get it finished already.

Meanwhile, I did a Strange Magic fic for today, then realized I hadn’t linked to some of the others ones. There’s a Mad Max one, a Pacific Rim one, and another Mad Max one that I forgot to link up. It may only matter to me, but I like to be able to find all my little ficcies every now and then.

Tomorrow, we schedule home visits. God helps us all.
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Wanna hear the cutest name ever given to a toilet paper tube octopus with cheerios for eyes?

Octopus Prime.

We did letter O the other day and for letter O we made the octopi out of the tubes (it's totally easy, they get to paint the tube whatever color they want, then snip strips halfway up the tube and curl them around a pencil to be the legs and just to emphasize O, we glued cheerios on for the eyes and mouth.) and one thing I usually do when we make an animal or really anything with a face is to ask what its name will be.

Octopus Prime may well be the best octopus name ever given by a four year old to an art project. I love it.
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Tomorrow is field trip day. We're going to the big park that has a kiddie train for them to ride. After tomorrow, they will be able to die happy because all their dreams will have come true. You can't even imagine how excited the little guys have been.

Every day, they ask me "Is today the day we go on the trip? Do we see the train TODAY??" And every day for weeks, I have said "Not yet!" and we have gone to the calendar to count the days and talked about what we're going to do and what we'll see. For WEEKS.

And today, as we were lining up for bus hall, I said "Tomorrow is the field trip! Who's excited?" In the immediate screams of "Me! MEEEE!!!" one of the children, the oldest one in class even, looked at me all bug-eyed and said, "What? Where are we going?"

I've worked with this grade level long enough that I'm not usually rendered speechless, but I just had to stare at this one for a minute. Because, wow. Really? Wow.
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We were talking princesses in class the other day, as happens with four year olds sometimes. We were at the art center. I was doing the daily observations and the kids were drawing or cutting out or pasting or whatever they felt like.

I said that if I was going to be a princess, I wanted a big cute animal to be my friend, like a gigantic boar to ride on or something. Then, I had to explain what a boar was, how they had big teeth and tough skins and nobody could stop me with my big pig. One of the girls made this for me:

 photo piggy_zps25ca4c24.jpg

When I asked what animal she wanted, she smiled and showed me this*.

"Spiders," she whispered. "Lots of spiders."

Forget princess. I think this one's going to be queen.

*At least they look friendly.
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I accidentally left my sketchbook at work which depresses me much more than necessary. I have other sketchbooks. I have paper. I just don't have the half-a-doodle I didn't know what to do with and now it's all I want to work on. It makes me mope.

I don't want to go to work tomorrow. There are three students out of my usual 22 that I internally wince at the sight of and I feel bad about that because they're just kids and there's probably a reason they are such ear-splitting little malcontents, but my last nerve wore out three days earlier than usual and I just wish either they would get the bug going around or I would just to give us all a break from each other.

The news makes me angry. Social injustice on the other social medias makes me sad. The fanfics I follow are either un-updated or ending on sad notes. And then there was the one that managed to hit so many of my personal squicks I can't visit that page anymore. *shudder*

I'm lucky these are the problems I have. Being aware of that does not make me any more cheery. But I did manage to make some reading comprehension color sheets for the 2nd graders who jones hard for coloring and I rewrote a fanfic snippet from the kinkmeme for 31_days.

Other good news: Mythbusters 10th Anniversary episode. Also I have had the 'You're Going to Die of Shrew Bites' song from MST stuck in my head since yesterday. Maybe singing it to the children would lift my spirits. (Hear it yourself at 1:06:58)

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I did some substituting yesterday. Fourth graders. I've worked with preschoolers so long that nine year olds seem like hulking brutes. Especially the girls. And loud! Geez Louise, they sit in little clusters, two feet away from each other, tops! And they bellow back and forth at each other. It's like Beowulf and Leonidas being studybuddies.

And the teacher left NO plans. None. We looked and looked and found NOTHING. So I had to trust 24 kids to tell me what the least thing they worked on was. I tried to stay on schedule at least a little bit. We talked about ecosystems and food chains and niches in the environment. One of the boys produced a four-inch stack of Pokemon cards and did his best to make a food chain with them. I saw some potential in it, so I let him try. He didn't get too far before pandemonium broke out over the cards, so we had to move on.

When they were at their loudest, I gave up trying to talk over them and started drawing a house on the board. "WHAT IS THAT?" the children roared. "A HOUSE??" I added chicken feet and they yelled about that for a minute. The ring of circles didn't mean much until I added little skull faces around the house and that got a few more of their attention. The fence of bones had them talking, but softer, almost at a normal volume.

Then, I asked if any of them had ever heard of Baba Yaga. They had not, but they had to repeat the name a few times, in various levels of outrage or disbelief. ("Baba Yaga??" "Baba Yaga!" "Baba Yaga??") So I told them the story of Vasilisa the Beautiful. It was the most quiet that class was the whole day, listening to the three tasks and the threat of being eaten. It only lasted as long as the story did, but I appreciate that that story works as well on bigger kids as it does the little guys.
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It has been the kind of day where I pray that it's pms that's wrong with me and I'm not really out of my mind. My fuse has been so short this week and the moods have been swingy. But! I did have some funny stuff happen today.

One of those things was what happened at work. My co-teacher had brought out some toy cash registers with play money in them by the time I got there. Also it was Thursday, and for four little girls in the class, that means ballet lessons tonight. So, they were prissing and prancing around and talking about their recitals and their outfits and one of them decided to do a recital then and there.

I'll spare you how hilarious and horrible it was to watch a four year old try to organize other four year olds into a ballet routine that none of them knew and cut to the end where five or six children in dress-up skirts are spinning haphazardly around the circle rug. The 'organizer' was stamping her foot off to the side because 'that isn't how it goes!' and a row of the other kids were sitting on chairs in a circle around the dancers with their fists full of play money. One even gave a "Woo!"

The co-teacher and I traded sideways looks, but didn't laugh outright. We both knew the handfuls of bills were only there because this age has serious sharing issues and anything once played with is automatically yours forever as long as you're touching it. As inappropriate as it looked, no harm was being done. We decided to let the parents have that discussion and hoped no supervisor would happen by in the meantime.
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Seeing me doodle, a four year old came up to me to see what I was doing. I wasn't in the best of moods, so I just kept on.

Kid: Why are you doing that?

Me: It cheers me up.

Kid: Why are you sad?

Me:(not wanting to explain all the variations of moody in the Wednesday blahs) I have a lot of reasons.

Kid: Oh. That's good to have a lot of raisins. I like raisins.

Me: Not raisins, honey. Reasons.

Kid: (thoughtfully) I wish I had a lot of raisins.

Me: ... You can have mine.

Kid: Yay!

And the weird part is that it did cheer me up.
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Spent the morning in an infant CPR class. The way the plastic crinkles when you inflate their little 'lungs' is horrible. As was the description of what the rib ligaments tearing free would sound like if we ever had to do the chest compressions for real. When we all looked horrified, the instructor reminded us that the dead feel no pain, and dead was what our fake infants would be if they were real and we fluttered and moaned instead of getting to work. Teaching preschool can be fraught with many things. Today it was the potential scenario of breaking a child's ribs to save their life. Please God, let it never happen.

Meanwhile, I've made it to Competency 21 in the study guide. Just eleven more to go!
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The kids I work with took to drawing me the other day.

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

There's some dispute over my coloration, but that may be the available markers more than anything. Look how sassy sea-horse me is there at the end!
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I had outside duty the other day (well, every day really) and I couldn't help but notice that the older kids in the next playground over were yelling random phrases like war cries as they jumped off the climbing wall. Their teacher was there and wasn't concerned about the jumping and there were no immediate broken bones, so I didn't intervene. I have to say that my favorite war cry was "Short Term Memory Loss!" as the boy flung himself at the ground.

Maybe he was just calling the possible symptom before the head trauma. I don't know. I got distracted by some girls screaming at each other about what languages the My Little Ponies speak. It all boiled down to one screeching "I am the Spanish Pony! Hola! Soja aqui!" Luckily that one resolved itself before I had to break it up too.

All Weirdos

Feb. 8th, 2011 10:19 pm
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One of the K4s can do the Colbert eyebrow. And he did it to express his skepticism on the appropriateness of the color purple for boys. He wasn't pleased to have his tirade against another four year old who was using a purple marker interrupted, especially since I wasn't taking his side. it was an impressive little expression, but it still didn't top the scowl of another little boy in that class when someone mentioned Santa. He said that his Mom had told him there was no Santa, and when told by someone else that their Mom said Santa was real, this kid channeled Sam the Eagle to create the blackest unibrowed scowl (a uniscowl?) I have ever seen on a child.

"Your mom LIED," he growled to the believer. I had to laugh, which seemed to offend him deeply. Thankfully, the pro-Santa kids weren't rattled and I didn't have to take sides on the debate any more than to advise them not to argue about it because Christmas was over.
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"Just because it's crazy, doesn't mean it's not normal."

Which means it's Wednesday. I usually don't quote myself, but putting that to words kinda summed up the last few days. Yesterday, I ran out of sane before I got to the post office, but I intend to mail Christmas presents after work today. Hopefully they won't be too late. I was also short of rational stuff when it came to working on my paper so I ended up writing something about werewolves in New York City. Don't worry, I won't turn it in.

Tonight will be better. I'll go to the post office and work on my paper. And watch my Netflix movie so I can finally send it back. I hope.
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It’s an ill wind that blows so much crazy.

Seriously. The kids I work with are always squirrelly. They can’t help it. I don’t blame them. I just raise my voice to be heard over the clamor and try to separate the ones actually doing harm to each other. The last two weeks though? Right after the weather turned windy and cold? Madness.

There has not been a single day that somebody hasn’t thrown a screaming tantrum, had to be pulled bodily off the person they are fighting, run all over the place until they crash into something (twice it’s been me), or just stood and shrieked to Heaven with big ol’ tears just dripping down their faces. The last one gets on my nerves because it happens two or three times a day and the cause is usually something like “I saw her quietly looking at a book so I GRABBED IT FROM HER and then SHE GRABBED ME and took it BACK! WAAAAAAHHHHNNN.”

Is it something in the air? In the water? Is the waxing moon? Usually I have a day or two like this, maybe once a month, in rough times, once a week. This has been every. Frickin. Day.

And on top of that, I have classes to do and papers to write and I’m fast losing my sense of humor about the whole thing. That last nerve you’ve heard tale of? Mine’s just about stomped flat.
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It is so hot....

I have boxes of books to carry maybe 10 yards, but it involves going out into the crippling heat and I keep coming up with excuses to wait until evening when the Yellow Eye that Burns and Blinds is back behind the trees.

Also, passed a former workplace and had a flashback to one of my bosses there. I had three different bosses the year I worked there. Two were nice: one asked me out and I was tempted, but dating your supervisor at work would've been awkward (turns out that so is turning down your supervisor at work. yeesh), the other was a perky chatterbox, but the third, oh the third was such a pain.

He was five years younger than me. Wore a visor upside down. Sang 'The Thong Song' whilst practicing his imaginary golf swing in between customers. He was full of double entendres and once very solemnly informed me that reading books 'is for boring people with no lives'. Also had himself a breakdown when somebody keyed his heavily decal-ed truck. (I swear it wasn't me. I plotted damage to the boy himself, not his ride.)

But. As much as I would've liked to lock him in the walk-in freezer at the time, today I couldn't even remember his name. It might've been Kevin... or Jason. I don't remember! I remember the other two, the nice two. I even kinda remember the guy they brought in from another store to work with me one day when we were short-handed, with the red hair, and tie-dye, and the tattoos. He was nice. I appreciate nice. I remember nice.


Mar. 30th, 2010 05:38 pm
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It's been a 'just kidding!' kind of day...

First was the kid who was withdrawn on Friday was dropped off while I was meeting the buses. Kid in no longer enrolled! And even if she was, she couldn't be in school because she hasn't gotten any of the TB testing required by law. She's not supposed to be there. SO, I start calling around. Her mom and big sister are friggin' OUT of TOWN, Dad didn't answer, and neither did their emergency contact. What am I supposed to do?? Well, I spread the word to the higher ups and go on as usual. Until bus time. The bus won't take her because she's not in the system so she can't go home either. SO I have to leave the poor thing in the office while .

Second, the school nurse shows up to tell me that Mom IS in town and is furious because she didn't withdraw the girl and all is pandemonium.

Also, I got an email that said my online order had been cancelled. So I was planning on calling them to figure that out when I got home, BUT the order was at the mailbox when I stopped by after work.

Now I'm tired.
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Saddest day at work ever.

Two four year olds drowned in the lagoon yesterday. They were cousins and in the same class. They were sledding about a block or two from where they lived. They went down the hill and onto the ice and fell through. Someone saw the sled and the hole in the ice and got their binoculars. They saw something floating and called 911.

One girl was unresponsive, but the other had some life signs, but neither could be revived. The whole preschool staff went to the house today to offer condolences. If anything is more sad than a family sobbing the names of their dead children while clutching their last little preschool assignments, I don’t want to know about it. I have hugged many people that I don’t know today, but I do know that grief is one of those things you can’t do anything about but be there.

The subject is a line from an Emily Dickinson poem. It's a sure indication I'm upset when I start looking up Dickinson. There was a sign up that said 'Thin Ice', but they were four years old! Still learning the alphabet. The first thing you want to do is scream "Who was watching them?" but it's such a small town that everybody pretty much watches everybody, and these two managed to find a moment when no one was around, or going by, and slide just a little too far.

So it's about as sad as it can be, with the bodies coming back tonight, and another family gathering tomorrow. I'm just glad to be home!
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Today was Program Day! Two separate performances, one for the K4s and one for the K3s. I think it went pretty well. There were no tears or shrieks and nobody suckerpunched anybody else. Nobody pulled their dress over their head, or grabbed their crotch and wailed about how bad they had to pee in the middle of the Barney song. (in English and Inupiat) It went way better than last year.

There was even a moment of cuteness. Before the program, I was getting the kiddies' Mother's Day gifts sorted, and one of the K4s got her hands on a sea shell from the arts and crafts cabinet. She held it to her ear.

"Whatcha hear?" I asked, up to my elbows in glued construction paper. Her face lit up.

"Clams!" she crowed. I had to laugh. They usually say wind, or ocean, or just look terrified.

like a bear

May. 6th, 2009 06:51 am
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Fic of the Day: Watchmen

All I really want is to eat a whole lot and then go to sleep. I've already eaten more than is technically required to keep me coherent and non-ravenous until morning. It was a nerve-wracking crazy day with the munchkins. As far as I can tell they've all been exposed to that X-Files gas/spore that ramps up all the agression and makes them turn on each other like baby hyenas. They fought all frickin' day! Tears and screams and spit and mucus and it's another Wednesday in D-Wing. Grr. It makes me cranky too. And hungry.


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