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Yeesh. I can't read my own writing. Or I can't find my own writing.

When I can't be writing, I am writing down what I want to be writing. So all this time when I haven't been writing, I have been making lists of what I will write when I have time. Well, Christmas break is a-coming up, so I'll have time, but now I have pandemonium on scrap paper to make sense of. Just. Um. It's a mess. And I can't find my notes on the main one I want to work on. All I remember is one line from it and I can probably write the rest, but I'm afraid I'll miss something, so I want to see my notes.

Meanwhile, I write other things. Typety typety.
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I had werewolf dreams last night. One was chasing me through my parent's house. Doors just fell apart when it got to them. It did grab my leg once, but the claws didn't puncture. I woke up before it got me, but the rest was a lot like this: this.

And just for fun:
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I really should work out a timeline for this story so I know when the moon will be full again.
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"Just because it's crazy, doesn't mean it's not normal."

Which means it's Wednesday. I usually don't quote myself, but putting that to words kinda summed up the last few days. Yesterday, I ran out of sane before I got to the post office, but I intend to mail Christmas presents after work today. Hopefully they won't be too late. I was also short of rational stuff when it came to working on my paper so I ended up writing something about werewolves in New York City. Don't worry, I won't turn it in.

Tonight will be better. I'll go to the post office and work on my paper. And watch my Netflix movie so I can finally send it back. I hope.
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We were watching MST3K’s Werewolf movie the other night, in all its weird haired and weirder accented glory, and in Segment 2, Mike and the bots ask each other who they would put in their own werewolf movie. Well, I took the question to heart and spent way too much time thinking of who I would replace the actors I was looking at with. You would probably have to have seen the movie to have any clue, but if you haven't, just try to imagine it.

Paul: Should be played by Crispin Glover. Oh yeah. He has Fred Cavalli beat for suave, sexy, and intense. He could be all dashing yet sensitive at the party and in his writer’s loft/real estate office, then go all wild-eyed and twitchy when the moon rises. I bet his portrayal would seem more like a transformation than a really painful intestinal condition too.

Natalie: It’s hard to go wrong with Winona Ryder. And I haven’t seen her in anything fun since Alien 4. She could be all cute and easily fascinated, then hustle everybody in the biker bar at pool, then tell off her boss and run through the desert all night. If she can fake an indeterminate accent, all the better!

Yuri: Should be played by Dolph Lundgren. Because he fits the name Yuri better than Jorge Rivero did for one thing. Because he has consistent hair for another. Because he might actually be threatening. Not that Jorge wasn’t buff enough, but he still reminded me of the substitute gym teacher we had for a hellish week in high school. Sadistic, yes, and getting off on his authority over 20+ winded 14 year olds, but not threatening. Seeing Mr. Kikigi beaten up by Dolph Lundgren would’ve made the 9th grade so much sweeter. But I digress.

Noel: Could be played by Graham Greene. Another guy I like to see, be it Thunderheart or the Red Green show, or whatever. Having him instead of Richard Lynch would explain why the team was excavating an Indian burial ground and how he knew all the skin walker legends a little better.

Sam the Keeper: Mark William Calaway. AKA The Undertaker. Because if you’re gonna have a crazy man guarding your foyer with a shotgun, I say go for broke and bring in someone who would have a chance against a werewolf sneaking in after hours. Make that weird scene with the hovering and vague clawing an actual fight, and the coolness factor goes up an easy 10 points. Not that it would take much.

Joel: That can still be Joe Estevez. He did fine.

There were other characters too. The borderline slutty real estate agent, the dig worker that was first infected, the goofy doctor/nurse team that think sprouting random patches of hair and ‘constant transformation’ of the face is something that needs careful observation, and a handful of others, but those are the main ones.


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