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It begins tomorrow! I am going to try to finish my old Watchmen/werewolf fic Nocturnal, once and for all. Wish me luck.
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Somebody has re-written one of my old Watchmen kinkmeme fics to an Overwatch one. There are a few changes here and there, but a lot of the descriptions are word for word. I'm not sure how to proceed.

My first impulse was to ask why they couldn't at least give me credit, but I'm on my phone and it won't let me log on. I ended up being weird and vague, but I kinda want to see what they say. Is there a better way to handle stuff like this?
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Three things I have learned on my summer job:1)Ducks are completely nasty. And 2) Not sleeping well because someone barks and/or whines every time I move, sigh, or give any sign of being there really ruins my attitude. It is Day 4. Two more weeks to go.

I can do it. I just have to start grabbing naps in the daytime. It’s hard for me because I am solar-powered, but I can’t do this many more days without cracking up. It doesn’t help that my car is breaking, the air conditioner is already out, and the estimate to fix my roof is in the thousands.

I did sneak some time in to write a Watchmen fic for [livejournal.com profile] 31_days.

Oh, and 3) is that if I ever get the roof, car, and AC fixed and paid for, I may want an irobot roomba. It’s adorable and the dog hair is gone.
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Bob Ross is on Netflix. Which means my first day of summer vacation was just booked solid. I did write a Watchmen fic for [livejournal.com profile] 31_days. Summer is usually when I don't write so much because of everything else going on, but the last few months have been a mad house so I haven't been able to write at all. Now that I have time, I'm going to try to do a little something as often as possible.

I used to watch Bob Ross with my Grandma. Just hearing his voice takes me back.
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I finally got word that I WILL have my job next year. Yay! But I won’t have my same co-teacher who is awesome personified and who I am already grieving the loss of. So sad. She’ll be just next door, but still. Hopefully, my new person will be good too.

In other news, I did a Watchmen fic yesterday and a Beetlejuice one today. I’m also writing Strange Magic stuff left and right because the movie will be out soon and goblin bat royalty OCs are so much fun to draw.

Tomorrow: Train Ride!
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Made it through the weekend! My shed was broken into and nothing worse than the gas can was taken, but the battery for the lawn mower is dead so I've been charging it for the last two days. But then it rained so I couldn't mow anyway. I'm gonna have a jungle in the front yard if this goes on.

But, I did get a Watchmen fic written for [livejournal.com profile] 31_days. Now I have to get a lunch packed and an outfit laid out for tomorrow so I can sleep in a little.

We had training on Friday so I didn't get this week set up like I usually do. Gonna be a wild Monday!


Oct. 4th, 2013 07:51 pm
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Meetings today. Since most of the headstarts are all federally run, there is some concern in the preschool department about how long they'll be able to stay open, and what will happen to all the kids they serve when they can't.

Also new class started yesterday. It took me four hours just to read through the Orientation paperwork, and then I had to take a test on the Orientation paperwork which I ended up taking three times to pass. I did ace it that third time, but wow.

And I'm trying to write and draw more because I don't do that so much now and I miss it. I did do two 31_days fics, a Beetlejuice and a Watchmen one. The last two days have had perfect prompts for a Pacific Rim fic, but I just haven't had time or energy.
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I managed a Biker fic for today.

And I found my old moleskin full of sharpie doodles. I had decided to draw a doodle for every fic I wrote and I didn't get that far, to be honest. But, here are the first two.

Lilbat by *hermitchild on deviantART

and Lady in the Water crossover

litwWM by *hermitchild on deviantART

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I accidentally left my sketchbook at work which depresses me much more than necessary. I have other sketchbooks. I have paper. I just don't have the half-a-doodle I didn't know what to do with and now it's all I want to work on. It makes me mope.

I don't want to go to work tomorrow. There are three students out of my usual 22 that I internally wince at the sight of and I feel bad about that because they're just kids and there's probably a reason they are such ear-splitting little malcontents, but my last nerve wore out three days earlier than usual and I just wish either they would get the bug going around or I would just to give us all a break from each other.

The news makes me angry. Social injustice on the other social medias makes me sad. The fanfics I follow are either un-updated or ending on sad notes. And then there was the one that managed to hit so many of my personal squicks I can't visit that page anymore. *shudder*

I'm lucky these are the problems I have. Being aware of that does not make me any more cheery. But I did manage to make some reading comprehension color sheets for the 2nd graders who jones hard for coloring and I rewrote a fanfic snippet from the kinkmeme for 31_days.

Other good news: Mythbusters 10th Anniversary episode. Also I have had the 'You're Going to Die of Shrew Bites' song from MST stuck in my head since yesterday. Maybe singing it to the children would lift my spirits. (Hear it yourself at 1:06:58)

Fic Meme

Jan. 27th, 2012 08:43 pm
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So here is the five minute comment fic meme, yoinked from [livejournal.com profile] rosehiptea. I did this one over at her lj. I know lots of good writers, so I figured I would try it too.

1. Clear your schedule for five minutes (or longer if you have time, I'm not gonna turn down more fic).
2. Then look under the cut tag, where you will find ten prompts, all of which are song titles (selected at random from my iPod WMP library iTunes library.)
3. Choose one of the prompts, and - using any appropriate fandom/character[s] (meaning ones you think I might enjoy) - write. (Note: As far as I'm concerned, you can write anything you want, really...)
4. Reply with your teeny weeny story in the comments to this post.
5. Repost this in your journal and make your friends write for you.

List )
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‘Possumschach 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

The squid turns the whole world to animals. Rorschach is a 'possum. Dan is an owl, etc.
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Today I:

- Got another car load out of storage.
- Pressed leaves for autumny project
- Took pictures
-Updated the master ficlist
- cleaned most of living room
- made Scarowinds plans
- did not panic when a spider ran over my arm and ran across my keyboard just now

Yeah, that derailed my list. And there he (she?) goes again across the floor. He's (she's?) lucky both cats are asleep. Looks like a wolf spider to me. Not as cute as a jumping spider.

Anyway, before I forget, last few days 31_days fics: Beetlejuice, Watchmen, and another Beetlejuice one.
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We did the bridge walk at the New River Gorge Bridge yesterday! I spent the morning downloading steampunkish music and then the afternoon inching around on rusted metal and bolts and catwalks and the like.

It was awesome and a little scary. All the traffic on the bridge shook the whole structure and the sound was just a roar all the time. And the wind was blowing and the mist was rising and there were falcons cruising around us. Pretty awesome! It took two hours because the group ahead of us was in no hurry, so we spent a long time clinging to the swaying rails just waiting for the herd to move on.

Also, I haven't posted the last two 31_days fics I've done, so here they are: A Last Unicorn and a Watchmen one.
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Title: Downside to Survival
Day/Theme: 1. Remembering is the pain that breathes
Series: Watchmen
Character/Pairing: Dan
Rating: PG

Downside to Survival )
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I've had a good fanfic run this week and I'm hoping I can do some of the October themes for [livejournal.com profile] 31_days. It's been awhile since I've done non-Watchmen stuff, but I'm finally getting to the end of some of my sprawling tales. Hope it lasts!

In other news I had a dream I was babysitting for a neighbor and the Dad turned out to be a mover and shaker in the underworld, so some unsavory types came to kidnap the kid to hold over him. I didn't know that, I just knew men in black suits were shooting at me. So began a dream cross country escape. It was a blur of stealing cars, plugging bullet wounds with gas station tampons, and hiding live rattlesnakes where a pursuer would stumble upon them. I let the kid call his Dad to let him know everything was ok.

I don't remember how we got away and then got back, but I do remember saying that if a psychologist could ever trace any psychosis in the kid back to the trauma of the adventure, I would cheerfully refund the $20. That's a babysitting guarantee, right there.
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• √ day one: read watchmen!! watch watchmen!!

• √ day two: draw your favorite character Quicky sharpie doodle!
• √ day three: draw your favorite pairing Bromance or romance, I just can't comfortably see them with anyone but each other.

• √ day four: do a makeshift cosplay
My first idea for a quick cosplay was to find my goggles and somebody willing to photograph me naked in the basement, but it didn't work out before I reconsidered*. Sooo, I did the next best thing:
Can you tell I made it myself? That's fifty cents worth of felt from Michael's and about five paperclipsin action right there.

• √ day five: write a short fic

*wussed out
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It would be nice to actually finish a fic for a change and this one should be done by now! I was going to end it! But I thought, I'd add a little more and now I have a whole new idea to add and it's never going to be done! Why can't I wrap it up and say 'The End'??

I have nine unfinished fics in this fandom alone and I just think it would be nice to get back to an even number. A few are written in my head and just need the time to be typed. Some just need a little inspiration. And some of them I haven't gotten feedback on in so long, I've kinda lost my nerve. So I need to rally up the troops to finish those. If only inspiration was more like a turtle, a turtle right behind me, for example...



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