Aug. 29th, 2012 09:54 pm
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[ profile] eternal_chimera knows what to send me when I need saw d'aww.
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Not really. I've just had Seven Nation Army stuck in my head since this morning and then I went to the movies. There was this trailer for G.I. Joe Retaliation. Now am I hallucinating, or is that The White Stripes' bassline there?

Also, squee!
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I was looking up songs for my Rorschach playlist and of course I needed God's Away on Business. And then I found this. I am amazed.
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I had found the perfect gift for an old friend and was all excited about until I remembered that this person hasn't called or written or visited or acknowledged the friendship in months. Then, it occurred to me that it had actually been years. That probably means we aren't as good friends as I still thought we were. Even if I bought the gift in an attempt to remind them that "Hey! I still like you! Be friends with me again!" I don't have their latest address.

That depressed me, so I've been watching parkour videos on youtube.

See? Isn't that better?
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I got the song from this commercial stuck in my head today. And you have to remember that I haven't seen this commercial in oh, I don't know, fifteen years if I'm being generous. However, I probably saw it a few dozen times before then because it played at the beginning of my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle VHS which I watched A LOT.

Is it stupid that I was proud of myself for remembering every word?
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Anything by Stan Rogers, even the sad ones.

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And then I had to wonder what the poor owl thought of all that nonsense. Probably something like: "If our sizes were reversed, you would be an hors d'oeuvres."

Or possibly: "I'm going to be sick!"
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I've only seen The Mighty B a few times, but this is my favorite episode.

The best part starts at 5:23 - 6:50. I love Penny's story voice.
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I finally got to see it. And wow. So pretty.
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and I end up laughing so I won't swear out loud.
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Seriously, it's awesome.
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Also see it here.

I love Inspector Gadget. I would totally watch a a grittier reboot. Something like this maybe?
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Nothing practical about these cats, Mr. eliot.

The little calico I named Clementine, but the twins named her Tanny, and Dad called Utukkuu. The tortoiseshell I called Guerrero, the twins called Toothless (HTTYD is a big hit around here) and Dad called Naku.

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Check out my icon.

I've loved barn owls since Labyrinth. They're so pretty! They have heart-shaped faces and are all in these delicate shades of white and cream and fawn, and they're smaller and not as 'I'll-kill-you-with-the-force-of-my-wrathful-glare-alone'as larger, scarier species of owl. Some even ride skateboards.

Isn't that adorable? He looks so soft and sleek and fluffy. Even in an urban setting, he looks so clean and sweet and serene and wise, like he'd sit on your shoulder, connecting you to the mystical, leading you along secret leyline paths, and occasionally making a haunting call or gentle hoo for your ears only.

And I know better. The claws would tear clothing and draw blood. They would scarf down little squealing mammals in between horking up pellets. There would be epic craps down your shoulder and back (probably why wizards and druids and stuff wear all the capes)and the average call of an owl is only haunting in the way that a demonic spirit possessing your loved ones to kill you is haunting. Nothing like a chatty screech owl to make a tentful of campers wet themselves in the dark of the wilderness night.

But that's a screech owl, right? It's supposed to screech! And barn owls live in barns, right? In the sweet-smelling haylofts where the air is drowsy with golden dust motes before flying out over goblin-haunted realms of romantic teenage girls, singing softly to themselves with the voice of David Bowie. Right? Right??

Wrong. Here's what they sound like:

Listen to them! Look at how they move! Like tiny, feathered, velociraptor hellspawn! If that sat on your shoulder it only be to better reach your eyes!

Then again, they seem to trapped in a box with somebody cramming a camera in their faces. They're probably terrified and furious, and actually handling it better than many a celebrity would. I might still rather have one of those on my arm than [unpleasant famous person of your choice]. And despite it all, even shrieking threats to swallow your soul like the tasty little chipmunk it is, barn owls still manage to be cute.

And that is today's nature hour. Thank you.
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I've been looking for this since I first saw it aired last Friday and now I can't stop laughing...

I LOVE Wavy the Crocodile. And I'm glad he and Charles found each other.


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