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Sticky traps are horrible! The poor little birds! I did my best to get them loose but they lost so many feathers and even after they were free, they thrashed and rolled and peeped and tried to fly and couldn't. Gah!

And now my hands are all sticky too.
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Ok. So the Fourth of July in a rural area may not be the best time for sensitive discourse and thoughtful behavior. But.
I was invited to a get-together by some sweet people. They have gone out of their way to be good to me. I know things have been hard on them the past few months and I haven’t been there because I’ve been fighting off my own nervous breakdown. They invited me over for a BBQ and fireworks and I was glad to go.

Things got iffy after that. )

So I decided to be the one to talk to about cute, gentle things. I interrupted conversations to talk about the Old Friends Dog Sanctuary. I talked about my aunt who makes the best banana pudding ever. I made myself obnoxious talking about how I used to live where I could see the Northern Lights and wouldn’t it be cool if we could see St. Elmo’s Fire, but fireflies and fireworks were nice too. I don't know if it helped anybody but me.
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Three things I have learned on my summer job:1)Ducks are completely nasty. And 2) Not sleeping well because someone barks and/or whines every time I move, sigh, or give any sign of being there really ruins my attitude. It is Day 4. Two more weeks to go.

I can do it. I just have to start grabbing naps in the daytime. It’s hard for me because I am solar-powered, but I can’t do this many more days without cracking up. It doesn’t help that my car is breaking, the air conditioner is already out, and the estimate to fix my roof is in the thousands.

I did sneak some time in to write a Watchmen fic for [livejournal.com profile] 31_days.

Oh, and 3) is that if I ever get the roof, car, and AC fixed and paid for, I may want an irobot roomba. It’s adorable and the dog hair is gone.
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Augh, the computer is in the shop so I've been out of the loop for awhile. First, the cat knocked over a can of pop on the keyboard and I got that cleaned up as well as I could, but the \ key was damaged because it just printed out rows of \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\s everywhere. Then there was a vomit incident. Again, I cleaned it up as well as I could, but then there was a whole cluster of keys that wouldn't work no matter what and the \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\s kept coming. So, I took it in. I told the poor guy about all of it and apologized for the mess he was sure to find.

Luckily, I have my laptop from work! The finest in 1990s technology right here! I make fun, but I really am just glad to have it.

My plan was to finish two long-running fics this summer, but not only is the computer out, but I cannot find the notebook with all the story stuff in it anywhere. I have searched the house, my parents' house, the car, and even gone back to work to hunt through my desk drawers. No luck. I'm gonna blame gremlins.
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Fic of the Day is a Beetlejuice one and it's grimmer than usual. But it fits the prompt.

We went to Farmer's Day today. It was so hot that I was a little delirious by the time the parade was over. I ended up giggling with my Dad over Office Space quotes until the waitress brought our food. The theme for this year was "Farmers are Outstanding in Their Field". Some people were disdainful, but I love me a bad pun and cackled unbecomingly.
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 photo 2373d592.gif

My summer vacation will never be longer than it is right now. Woo! So to celebrate, I wrote a Mad Max fic for [livejournal.com profile] 31_days.
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I have watched Mad Max: Fury Road and Jurassic world in the same weekend. What a time to be alive.

For both these movies, I have seen all the prequels. I watched the original Mad Max trilogy when I worked at the Videobank in Barrow and got rentals for free. I mostly remember the part about giving the guy the option of cutting the chain or his limb to get away from the exploding car which made me squint at the similar scene in Watchmen when I first read it a few short years later. Oh, and Tina Turner rocking the chain mail dress. You don’t forget a thing like that.

I have to say that Fury Road is my favorite. I am already trying to figure when I can afford to see it again. There is so much to say about it that has been written so well by other people that I won’t even go into the ‘show don’t tell’, non-sexualized, no gratuitous carnage beauty of it all and instead concentrate on the parts I liked best:

1. The world-building! Screech! I loved the slang and the politics and the little background things going on apart from the main action.

2. The War Boys! I loved everything about the poor little deathmonkeys, their design, their culture, their machines. Throw in Hoult’s blue, blue eyes and I’d watch a movie just about them.

3. The stunts. Sweet Lord. The stunts!


Needless to say, I ship Nux and Capable way too hard and since *SPOILERS* no body was seen, I’ve got hopes for the sequel.*END SPOILERS*

And! I have a serious soft spot for Jurassic Park. The first one opened on the day my family moved back from a two year stint on Guam. We were getting the house ready to live in again, and my friend Heather showed up to see if I could go with. I didn’t think I would be allowed to go since there were windows to open and plumbing to check and lots of dead bugs to vacuum, but they let me go and I was ecstatic and blown away and the T-rex roar just about made me levitate.

For this one, I went with my cousin. It was fun! There were a lot of nods to the original. I was halfway on the lookout for anything with Ian Malcolm on it, but if it was there, I missed it. The cuz kept mentioning Claire’s high heels, but you know? She didn’t have any trouble with them. She wore them through all kinds of terrain with all manner of beasts in pursuit and never stumbled once. Go her.

I loved that the T-rex was the same one from the first movie; she had scars from fighting the raptors and knew all about flares.

Also, I kind of want a raptor as a mount. Seriously, those things can scoot. And is it my imagination or is Dr. Wu getting hotter as the years go by? Hm.

Next I want to see Inside Out.
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Sometimes it's a five-legged calf!

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My neck of the woods is dotted with small towns, like daisies in the wilderness! A few towns over there is one called Pearisburg, named for Captain Pearis of the Revolutionary War. He is buried on a hill overlooking the town, along with several other Revolutionary and Civil War soldier. Many of the gravestones are worn to nubs, but the path is maintained, and it is a beautiful, solemn place to visit.




The bad news is that we were eaten alive by some sort of noseeum while we were there. Many itchy welts!
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I went to the drive-in with my sister and her mother-in-law last night. I love the drive-in. It's not fancy and none of the speakers work, so you have to hear the audio on your car radio, but you get to sit outside on a summer night with the moon and the stars and the fireflies, drinking Dr. Peppers and talking, and that's even before the movie starts!

It was a double-feature, Super 8 and Thor. I liked both of them. I didn't know much about Super 8. I think I read on twitter that it had done the impossible by making the poster nostalgic for the 70s, and I knew it was a scifi type movie, but not much else. It reminded me of Goonies. I liked the little pyro kid and all the 70s haircuts, and the way you didn't see the critter until the end. I didn't see the need for the background drama. I don't think the tragic loss of the mom years before and the bad blood between the dads added anything to the story. It would've still worked without either conflicts.

Thor was fun. Asgard looked amazing. So did Chris Hemsworth's torso. Tom Hiddleston gets best eyes, though. I loved the pet store scene and I wished we got to see more of Sleipner. I was also trying to figure out why I recognized Stellan Skarsgård's voice in Thor, but not his face until I finally placed it. And the last movie I saw him in had him under some serious layers of make-up (Bootstrap Bill, PotC) so I guess I wouldn't have recognized him anyway.


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