Jun. 23rd, 2012 12:11 am
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Went to see Brave!



And of course I cried. There's always the tear-jerking moment in all these things. I have a favorite part, but it might be a spoiler so I'll just stuff my hands in my mouth and wait until everybody else sees it too.
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Seriously, it's awesome.
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I don't often venture out of doors this time of night, but I did to go over to a neighbor's house. As soon as I stepped out into the street, a big snowy owl swooped right over my head.

I didn't have my camera with me and I wouldn't have had time to take a picture of him if I had, but it was an awesome little moment. Completely silent, I didn't know he was there until his shadow passed in front of a street light. I was on the lookout for zombies or wolves, so movement from above didn't register as a threat until he was right over me, and then he was too pretty to be startled by.

It's a nice night out actually. I saw a weasel this morning, now that I think about it. It was all white and cute and zipped across the road in front of me. Little white on white critters in the snow. It's cool to see them.


Jul. 20th, 2010 10:45 am
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This looks awesome! And I'm going to be in Barrow, so I can't go see it!

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On the other, it is pretty awesome.

funny food photos - Calvin and Hobbes Bento
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The first Mortal Kombat movie. I loved it. I loved the soundtrack and Christopher Lambert and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (potential OTP there) and I watched it several, several times when it hit the dollar theater. Alas, those that came after were not so compelling, but there is new hope!

What you do not hear is a fangirly squeal that hit a register only dolphins can hear. They're excited, too.
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About a month ago, I posted this.

I'm upping the ante a little. Behold.


If they drizzled it with sauce, and added little fangs, it would look like my own stripey lap-warmer. I'd have to be pretty hungry to eat it.
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I know. Two videos in a row. But my life is mostly brain development essays and off-their-schedule preschoolers right now. Need some geek-candy to see me through and this hits the spot nicely.
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And maybe more things should be.

Ok, I found this: Bentolicious

And it’s adorable. Even on the ones where she’s almost apologizing for how quick and simple they are because she slept late or had to hurry or whatever. And I’m just looking at them thinking that it would take me days to make anything that fancy. Forget just getting up and making it, I would need a week in advance to be ready to turn out anything this cute and/or tasty. I mean look at this!


She made little layered animal faces! And, and cut little stencil shapes into the cucumbers! And the carrots are flowers! And the orange already peeled!

Then there’s me, slapping two pieces of bread around some meat and being happy as a weasel in the henhouse. If you want to get fancy, I’ll add a handful of Tostitos and a spoonful of cottage cheese. Ahhh. Cuisine.

But seeing this makes me think that I should take more time and make everything beautiful. Food as an art form, instead of something to be shoveled down to keep the engines burning, just think of it! Why couldn’t everything be given this kind of care, this attention to detail? What can’t everything be made precious and beautiful?

But then, I know the answer. I’m lazy. Very lazy. I’m also working full time and taking classes part time and sick as a dog at the moment. And none of those precious bento boxes change the fact that all I really want for dinner is a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup and that will come out of the Foreman grill and a can, respectively. Mmm.
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This is no longer a problem.

Two hours later and I'm still grinning.
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Stumbled upon this link whilst reading a Watchmen fic and now I can't stop watching it!


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