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Oh man…

Sick. So very, very sick.

The worst part is the sore throat. It really hurts to do anything and then I cough so hard I gag and it just tears its way out of my poor raw throat and then I cry which makes me gulp and it just hurts worse.

Yesterday, I was all cold medicated to the gills. I forgot that I didn't have to go take care of the folks' beasties in the morning and went anyway. Then I went again at night to put them up and was so loopy that I had a whole conversation with someone at the pop machine at Bob's Grocery and oculd barely remember who it was when I got home. They didn't call the cops so I must not've behaved too badly. I probably shouldn't have been driving.

Gargling with salt water hasn't worked because I gag when I gargle and throwing up in the sink doesn't help anything. And I can't go to the doctor because it's Sunday and even if it wasn't, the insurance from work just got changed so I don't have any until that's all processed. So I have to suck it up and tough it out.

...anybody have some home remedies for a sore throat?
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This is the second Sunday I've woken up with some plague or another. Last one, I woke up with my lip about to explode. This one, I woke up with my head packed full of ick. Luckily, I have this to cheer me up.

I don't remember much about the dream I had, except for this sentence:
"Killing people is like a box of chocolate. Sometimes, you get what you pay for."

I don't know what that was in reference to or who exactly said it, but I think it was meant to mock someone who was trying to give advice on the realities of taking the lives of others. Seeing that I've watched a lot of Human Target lately, it could have come from that.
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And maybe more things should be.

Ok, I found this: Bentolicious

And it’s adorable. Even on the ones where she’s almost apologizing for how quick and simple they are because she slept late or had to hurry or whatever. And I’m just looking at them thinking that it would take me days to make anything that fancy. Forget just getting up and making it, I would need a week in advance to be ready to turn out anything this cute and/or tasty. I mean look at this!


She made little layered animal faces! And, and cut little stencil shapes into the cucumbers! And the carrots are flowers! And the orange already peeled!

Then there’s me, slapping two pieces of bread around some meat and being happy as a weasel in the henhouse. If you want to get fancy, I’ll add a handful of Tostitos and a spoonful of cottage cheese. Ahhh. Cuisine.

But seeing this makes me think that I should take more time and make everything beautiful. Food as an art form, instead of something to be shoveled down to keep the engines burning, just think of it! Why couldn’t everything be given this kind of care, this attention to detail? What can’t everything be made precious and beautiful?

But then, I know the answer. I’m lazy. Very lazy. I’m also working full time and taking classes part time and sick as a dog at the moment. And none of those precious bento boxes change the fact that all I really want for dinner is a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup and that will come out of the Foreman grill and a can, respectively. Mmm.


Nov. 22nd, 2009 01:45 am
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Augh. I'm fighting the stomach bug that's going around.

I had to work today so I sat there, popping chewable Peptos and imagining a giant hand squeezing my guts out each end.

My usual method of treating tummy bugs is make it a siege war. I just cut myself off. Nothing goes in, nothing goes out. Which was sad since there was the breakfast potlock. The worst symptom so far is the fatigue. I've spent most of the day just sore and exhausted. It felt like a Dramamine haze, without the relief from queasiness. Nothing on the chewable Pepto box mentions marked drowziness, so I'm gonna blame it on the bug.

I went home and went to bed until Mom called and then slept again until a cat decided all that was needed to make my butt perfect was some clawmarks. Now I'm up, watching Ghost Lab, and swigging ginger ale. I may go back to bed at any moment now.
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I was at the bank today, and a guy came in with a walrus skull. Tusks and all. It looked so old and weathered that my first thought was that it might be a smilodon. They still find mammoth parts up here every now and then, so why not a smilodon? But when he moved his arm, I could tell it was a walrus. Crusty as it looked, I was surprised they let him carry it into the bank. Of course, this is the bank where there was a sign on the door reminding sno-mobiling patrons to remove their ski-masks before entering.

This was a wild week. I called in sick yesterday when my stomach hurt so bad. I don't know what that was about, but it's gone now. And my kids were completely off the charts in crazy behavior. All week long. It was unreal. We looked all over for a calendar with moon phases to see if it was a full moon, and it wasn't. Maybe it was the change in barometer. The weather went from appalling to unreasonably good and now we're back to nasty.


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