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I should've known that things weren't going too well for me when I stopped reading and drawing and other things that used to be all I wanted to do. I blamed it on stress and the classes and the job, but it didn't get any better when those things changed. Now the job is worse, the classes are over for now, and the stress is the new normal, but I was determined to take back my own interests. So, I did make it through the 50 books this year. My To-Be Read pile is pretty big thanks to the two year backlog of barely reading, but I'm working on it.

50 Books of 2016 )

This year dies tonight, and I can't be anything but relieved. The dread/hope of what the coming year will be can start tomorrow.
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Starting over! We’re going around the sun one more time.

This hasn’t been my most productive year. I have been overwhelmed by things outside of my control more than once. I've been saying I don't watch the news for a few years now, but this is the first time I really have almost given up watching, because I just can’t bear it most of the time. I watch the local channel sometimes and BBC world news if I know something is going on, but I have started to understand why the people I know who watch the most news are as twitchy as they are.

But! I am hoping and praying that the past year will have taught us so we learned and that the new year will be that much better for the hard lessons behind us. I have prayers for health and healing for so many, including myself, and above all, for hope. Hope can see us through a whole lot, and to help it along, I have tried to focus on productive resolutions. I can’t help being overwhelmed or worried or sad, but I can be hopeful and still get stuff done. At least that’s the plan.

If I can help anybody out there with their resolutions, please let me know. Even if all I can do is say hopeful things, I will do it.

Take care everybody. Here we go again.
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When 2013 began I was slowly going broke working at a daycare center in Blacksburg. Nobody teaches for the money, but this was the first time I couldn't afford to work for someone. Yeesh. I'm sure I've left out some things, but here's the main things I remember. (If you know something I've forgotten, feel free to remind me. I'll add it on.

In January I:

Designed costumes for Children of Eden play
Got stranded in a blizzard
Had to quit a job because it cost me more to work there than they paid me.
Got a new (albeit temporary) job.
Joined a church
Went to see the first Hobbit

In February I:

Attended a very cool Writing Workshop
Did parent/teacher conferences at old school
Played Apples to Apples for the first time with the Bairds. Much cackling.
Substituted at Mountain View. Never again.

In March I:

Interviewed for a permanent job for the fall.
Got that job. Woot!
Got a new partner at temp job. She was awesome.
Painted animals for Children of Eden play.

In April I:

Went to visit Jay in her new place.
Visited the Biltmore Estate. Amazing.
Began the painting of parent's property.
Got pulled over for speeding, but must've looked too stupid to ticket.
Children of Eden play!
Mom's goats died.
Went to see Evil Dead remake with cousin. Blech.

In May I:

Got Honorable Mention in the WV Writing Contest.
Went to the Highland Games in SC.
Got a new haircut.
Andrea moved to Boston :(

In June I:

School's out for summer! Woo!
Saw the supermoon.

In July I:

Discovered Welcome to Night Vale.
Watched Pacific Rim.
Went fangirl bonkers.

In August I:

Started new job.
Met new co-teacher. She's awesome.
Had that festered thing from my root canal come back.

In September I:

Finally got dental insurance and could go check on Uncle Fester (yes, I named it)
Started watching Sleepy Hollow.

In October I:

Watched the government close and wished harm on several people in high-ranking govt. positions.
Started my Digital Storytelling class.
Went to a different dentist to get Uncle Fester obliterated. It worked! I hope.

In November I:

Finished the Digital Storytelling class.
Completed Nanowrimo a day early!
Met Charles De Lint and Jim Butcher at Faeriecon.
Got to hang out with Liz at Faeriecon
Got to see Andrea.
Went to see Frankenstein with Karon, Gette, and Sara.
Also went to big, honkin' Renn fair.
Went out to eat with the Bairds.

In December I:

Rode on a Christmas parade float.
Had a fall and banged up my knee.
Went to see new Hobbit movie.
Went to visit in SC
Joined the Rotary.

On to 2014!


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