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Last night I dreamed I found a dog tied up and abandoned in the woods.When I was dreaming in my own POV, it was poor, starved dog with a collar embedded in its neck. When the dream shifted to a third person view, it was a little pig. Whatever the little animal was, though, I was carrying it around, taking care of it.

I took it to some cafeteria lunch, but my coworkers wouldn’t let me sit with them if I had a pig with me. So, then came the line I woke up remembering. One of them told me to “Go sit with the Australians!”

So I looked around and some people at a table off to the side waved their arms. I took that to mean that they were the Australians, and I took my pig to go sit with them. They were nice.

That was the dream. I don’t know what it means.

But! I have seen two more movies! Inside Out was at the drive-in. The folks and my sister and her kids all came and I think they all enjoyed it. I heard my parents laughing several times.

Oh man. I gotta say, in a movie about feelings, the part that tweaked mine the most was the short about the volcanoes at the beginning. As my movie buddy said, “If they don’t end up together, I’m going home right now.”

That being said, there’s always something heartbreaking in a Pixar movie, and for me, this time. It was Bing Bong. As soon as he wanted to make a third try, I knew what he was going to do, and I’m hoping Joy can find a way to write his song into Riley’s dreams or something so she’ll remember him again.

Also, I saw Ant-Man with my friend and was pleasantly surprised. I had doubts. Marvel usually manages to be fun, no matter what, but Ant-Man? Really? I did end up enjoying it more than I thought I would. I think there were some serious issues with the female characters. Like WHY NOT HOPE? HOPE WOULD BE AN AWESOME HERO THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I think she shoulda taken the yellowjacket suit and kicked all manner of ass in it. But, the ants themselves were precious buggy bugs. I haven’t been so emotional about a giant ant since Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Ant-ony!

Also, the three amigo partners in crime made my day. I like the Ukrainian one.
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I have watched Mad Max: Fury Road and Jurassic world in the same weekend. What a time to be alive.

For both these movies, I have seen all the prequels. I watched the original Mad Max trilogy when I worked at the Videobank in Barrow and got rentals for free. I mostly remember the part about giving the guy the option of cutting the chain or his limb to get away from the exploding car which made me squint at the similar scene in Watchmen when I first read it a few short years later. Oh, and Tina Turner rocking the chain mail dress. You don’t forget a thing like that.

I have to say that Fury Road is my favorite. I am already trying to figure when I can afford to see it again. There is so much to say about it that has been written so well by other people that I won’t even go into the ‘show don’t tell’, non-sexualized, no gratuitous carnage beauty of it all and instead concentrate on the parts I liked best:

1. The world-building! Screech! I loved the slang and the politics and the little background things going on apart from the main action.

2. The War Boys! I loved everything about the poor little deathmonkeys, their design, their culture, their machines. Throw in Hoult’s blue, blue eyes and I’d watch a movie just about them.

3. The stunts. Sweet Lord. The stunts!


Needless to say, I ship Nux and Capable way too hard and since *SPOILERS* no body was seen, I’ve got hopes for the sequel.*END SPOILERS*

And! I have a serious soft spot for Jurassic Park. The first one opened on the day my family moved back from a two year stint on Guam. We were getting the house ready to live in again, and my friend Heather showed up to see if I could go with. I didn’t think I would be allowed to go since there were windows to open and plumbing to check and lots of dead bugs to vacuum, but they let me go and I was ecstatic and blown away and the T-rex roar just about made me levitate.

For this one, I went with my cousin. It was fun! There were a lot of nods to the original. I was halfway on the lookout for anything with Ian Malcolm on it, but if it was there, I missed it. The cuz kept mentioning Claire’s high heels, but you know? She didn’t have any trouble with them. She wore them through all kinds of terrain with all manner of beasts in pursuit and never stumbled once. Go her.

I loved that the T-rex was the same one from the first movie; she had scars from fighting the raptors and knew all about flares.

Also, I kind of want a raptor as a mount. Seriously, those things can scoot. And is it my imagination or is Dr. Wu getting hotter as the years go by? Hm.

Next I want to see Inside Out.
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So, I dragged my poor friend Debbie to see Strange Magic again. I dragged her to it once before with the promise of Alan Cumming’s voice and she spent the last ten minutes of the movie in a fetal position saying “I can’t. I can’t!”

However, it stayed on her mind, because a few days later, she decided she could and was ready to see it again. The bad news was that the release of Spongebob and 50 Shades had scooted it out of the local theaters. And I live in a rural area, so ‘local’ means ‘within a two hour drive’.

We were not to be deterred, however. Some of you may remember that not long ago, I was living in Barrow, Alaska which has no theaters at all, or roads, so that you have to fly to a town that has those things and spend the weekend, as well as quite a bit of money. This is why, every time anyone sneered at how bad a movie Watchmen was, I could proudly say I spent $600 to see it. (Plane ticket to and from Fairbanks, crappy hotel for the night, four fast food meals, two taxi rides, plus the movie tickets.)

Anyway, we learned that there was a theater in Martinsville (three and a half hours away) that was still playing it and lo! We had time to get there for the afternoon show. So we went. We drove. We talked and sang along to the soundtrack and made fun of ourselves for being such dorks. It was Valentine’s Day, and we were off on a trek to see a movie that we had already seen for no other reason than adventure.

I have to say that the Hollywood Theater is an adventure all by itself. GPS took us to a Walmart parking lot and we were confused until Debbie spotted the marquee sign. All by itself. In the woods. On the side of a hill. Closer inspection revealed a tiny little road leading up the hill into the trees. A very steep hill. So steep that stuff in the car floor rolled to the back. And on top of the hill, a little theater. And a snow plow, which we laughed at, but should have taken as an omen. At the moment, it was a clear, sunny day.

Strange Magic continues to delight me. I cackle and clap like a fangirly seal. People wandered in and out of the theater the whole time. It was explained to me that if you bought a ticket for a movie that hadn't started yet, you could mill around in the other theaters until time. News to me. But all good.

We ate at La Parrell that was across the street from the Walmart and very good and then headed home. We were cruising the backroads to Floyd, VA when the snow began, and by the time we were at Blacksburg, we couldn’t see a thing. I got Debbie home and debated my options. I really couldn’t afford to get a hotel and the cat needed her shot and there were cars still on the road, so I decided to chance it.

It was a white-knuckled, praying out loud, sliding all over with the semi in front of me going sideways, sweet Jesus no, driving the rest of the way at 10mph with the flashers on so it took another two hours kind of time. But! I made it. I had to sit in a hot bath and talk to myself a little while afterwards to settle down, but I made it home safe. And I got to watch Strange Magic one more time and hang out with Debbie which is always fun.
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Meanwhile, I went to see Strange Magic. I originally didn’t want to. The trailers looked pretty terrible, but then tumblr lit up with how fun it was and how the hot villain was voiced by Alan Cumming and I said “Ok, I’m in.”

And I am! It had its problems, not the least of which was the moral issue of using a love potion being glossed over, and there is the occasional outburst of song, but I loved it and I want to go see it again. I would’ve gotten the soundtrack, but the walmart between the theater and home didn’t have it.

So, long story short: Strange Magic’s trailer doesn’t do it ANY justice, I like occasional outbursts of song, Alan Cumming continues to be attractive, and hero/villain romances are one of my things. Go see it!
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Gette came to visit and we went to see Desolation of Smaug again and I had a random thought. Dwarves are what, four feet tall? The inside of Erebor is big enough for a giant dragon to move around freely. If the dwarves of old had built gates and halls a little closer to their own size, it would've been a lot harder for Smaug to get in. I'm not saying it would've stopped him completely, but it would've taken him a lot longer. Maybe the dwarves would have time to evacuate the non-combatants and set up a feasible defense while Smaug had to claw the stone doors and hallways wide enough to squeeze into.
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I took a yen to watch Return to Oz last night and just for fun, I looked it up on tumblr to see if there were any photosets or anything. There were. There was also a whole boatload of pansies bellyaching about how traumatizing the movie was and 20 years later, still the nightmares, boohoohoo.

What? It's a kid movie! And like all the really best kid stuff, it is equal parts bright and dark and beautiful and weird.

The only really scary part about it to me was that all the adults Dorothy should've been able to trust were all so willing to electroshock a little girl who couldn't sleep. Because you know what cures imagination? High voltage! But no, a guy in a Mardi Gras jacket and wearing roller stilts has scarred them for life.

Seriously though, think about it. The kid got sucked up into a tornado. It's a miracle she's even alive. Did they ever even find the house?? Nope. It's still in Oz, remember? Even if there is no Oz, and it was all just a delusion, a child is allowed to be weird after something like that. And what exactly is so abnormal about a prepubescent having vivid dreams and imagining a better place than being a poor orphan in rural 1890s Kansas? Who they want to lightly electrocute. Y'know, because modern medicine. That's the terrifying part. Not the rollerderby Krewe. Or the headless princess, or the muttering rock faces.

I can't imagine not liking Return to Oz. That movie was gorgeous. Mombi's palace with all the gold and mirrors? AMAZing. Jack Pumpkinhead? Adorable. Fairuza Balk? More adorable. Lunchpail trees! OMG. Your own steampunk robot bodyguard. Who wouldn't want one? Deadly Desert? Best don't touch the floor game ever. Flying couch with a living moose head? I want one! Dude, there's a sassy talking chicken. What is better than that??

I guess there's no pleasing some people. But just imagine if they had used some of the original Baum stuff, like the river of needles that would pierce whatever tried to cross it full of tiny holes. Or Chopfyt, the meat man that gets built out of all the body parts that the Tin Man accidently cut off himself. What about the three wisemen who angered the king, who put them into a meatgrinder and mixed their pieces into one wiseman? Or the Yoops, a married cannibal and evil sorceress. And then there's the Rak. If you were spooked by monkeys with wings, you don't ever want to see a Rak.

Just saying.
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The Monster of Paris

I hide my light inside a cloak of night

Beneath the red scarf and a chapeaux

The pearl of my heart locked within a shell

too afraid to let it go, to let it show

and all the headlines read

for the whole world to see 

A Monster in Paris

I fall apart, I fall apart,
I did appear beneath the light 

yes it was me

A Monster in Paris

I hide my pain inside a melody

it’s as if notes I sing set me free

I keep all my dreams under a lock and key

I’m so afraid that they will fly, away from me

A Monster in Paris
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It was glorious. Robots vs monsters and no whining teenagers with personality problems (and while there was a few daddy issues, they were background issues instead of character attributes) to get in the way of robot vs monster battles.

And I can usually take or leave 3D, but this was really good. And they found a fantastic little actress in baby Mako. That poor child's distress was palpable. Also, best jaeger name has to be Coyote Tango.

Plus Ron Perlman! How can you not love Ron Perlman??

 photo ab81f627.gif
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We went to see Epic!

I remember reading The Leaf Men and the Good Brave Bugs to the preschoolers awhile back, but I was not prepared for how PRETTY everything was. All the designs were awesome and the little hummingbirds all in tack and all the arrows!

Some Spoilers and Minor Ranting )

But anyway, absolutely gorgeous design and well worth seeing.
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Yesterday, I went to see the new Evil Dead with my cousin. It had all the horror of the original, with about twice the yuck, but not as much of the fun. I admit there were parts I looked away from.

I don't think it's too spoilery to say that the main thing I liked was that there was a reason five pretty people decided to go to an abandoned cabin in the woods. Helping a junkie friend go cold turkey away from anything else makes more sense than just heading out for make outs and piano lessons. On the other hand, these five were stupid. My cousin and I agreed that the movie would've been maybe 15 minutes long if we had been in it. Minor spoilers here, but as soon as either of us saw a blood trail leading to a trap door to the cellar, that would've been all she wrote.

"OK! Back to the car! We can detox just as easy at the beach. Chop chop. I will beat anyone who tries to open that door senseless with a tire iron and burn the whole house down. Seriously, if I catch any of you trying to read aloud anything more arcane than a shampoo bottle, you will not be safe around me ever again. Now get in the car."

The evil dead are going to have to use up their airline miles if they want to catch me, but the movie was honestly grosser than it was scary. I was hoping I wouldn't have nightmares and I didn't, but I did have weird dreams. It didn't help that the smoke detector battery went dead at about 3 am and started chirping.

I heard it in my dream and in my dream I started counting in between chirps, like counting between thunder and lightning to see how many miles away the storm is. I don't know what I was counting for, but it didn't take me long to realize that it wasn't just me. There was another little whispery, singsong voice counting with me. That scared me because I knew I was alone, and then I realized that the voice was coming from my cat.

She would never go higher than ten, but her voice kept getting more and more urgent and it was freaking me out a little so I woke up to get away from it. The smoke detector was still chirping, but I ignored it as best I could until daylight. I got some 9 volt batteries today, so hopefully that won't happen again any time soon.
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Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child have written a series of books and I have spent the first part of Spring Break talking to my friends who have also read the books and comparing them to the movie. Bookworms are always going to tell you the book was better, but sometimes we're right. Don't get me wrong, the movie is fun and Stan Winston gave us a really creepy monster, but they left out a major character entirely and killed a few off that we needed for the sequel! SO... we made our own cast list. It may or may not have been heavily influenced by our tumblr favorites, but those who know us will know who picked who the most.

Preston/Child Cast )


Jun. 24th, 2012 10:57 pm
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I had some serious squee for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. First of all, axe-fu and coat-tail tango! Is sweet. Second, I didn't recognize Ben Walker from any other movie, but I did recognize that he is all kinds of nice to look at. Also didn't recognize Rufus Sewell at first, but there he was. I like him too.

I went to see the movie with my cousin, who is a teacher and knows historical inaccuracy when he sees it. He also spotted the trouble with the flag at the end. We both agreed that it was nice to see scary vampires again, even if they were prancing around in daylight. There was plenty of disbelief to suspend, but I'm good at that and I liked it. It was fun, it was pretty, and had definite tones of badassery here and there. Try it!


Jun. 23rd, 2012 12:11 am
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Went to see Brave!



And of course I cried. There's always the tear-jerking moment in all these things. I have a favorite part, but it might be a spoiler so I'll just stuff my hands in my mouth and wait until everybody else sees it too.
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Ok. The first one was better. For one thing, it had Sam Elliott. There are good things about part 2 though, and I'll start there. While the lack of Mr. Elliott is lamentable, the second one does have Anthony Head being smug and Christopher Lambert covered in tattoos. And a funny twinkie joke. The special effects were better. The Rider actually looks like a charred corpse and his jacket bubbling like hot tar was cool. I liked Idris Elba's character, Moreau. I liked the demonic quarry-digging machine. I usually don't like it when the plot is completely reworked (the circumstances of Johnny's deal) but I did like the fallen angel angle. I don't think it started out as an angel in the comics, but an Angel of Justice fallen and twisted into a Spirit of Vengeance is kind of awesome. I also liked the blue fire.

Things I didn't like? Well... little things. I didn't like the way the Rider moved. It walked like its leather biker pants were too tight. It jerked its head around like a blind parakeet listening to something scratching in the wall. Nicholas Cage can have a giggling, crazy-eyed spaz attack like nobody else and there were times in this movie when he didn't look good. I've worked in the public schools too long to appreciate a bratty precociousness in child stars, but I have to admit the kid in this wasn't annoying. Blackout was.

The best part about the whole experience were the people I got to sit with. I didn't get their names. It was two older ladies and an older man, and they were all dressed up as if they had come from church. I wondered if they had come to the wrong theater by accident at first, but as soon as the preview started, I realized I was dealing with serious scifi/comic book movie-watchers. When the John Carter trailer was playing, one of the ladies said "Wait... I know that name. John Carter was in that other movie. With the robots." "You mean John Conner," the other lady said.

"Right! Transformers!"

I had to grin a little bit. We saw the trailer for Battleship and Wrath of the Titans and the ladies began to list off all the movies with Liam Neeson in them and wow, there's a lot. We watched the trailer for the G.I. Joe movie (see below) and one of the ladies perked right up at the sight of The Rock.

"Don Johnson!" she said.

"Dwayne Johnson," said her friend. They were adorable. And at the end of the movie, one of them leaned over to me and said.

"I didn't see Stan Lee in this one, did you? He usually cameos..." I hadn't even thought to look! I gotta watch more movies with that bunch. They were worth the price of admission themselves.
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Not really. I've just had Seven Nation Army stuck in my head since this morning and then I went to the movies. There was this trailer for G.I. Joe Retaliation. Now am I hallucinating, or is that The White Stripes' bassline there?

Also, squee!
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We went to the movies today. My folks went to see The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. The original one rattled me badly enough that I didn't want to see the remake, so I went to see Hugo. And wow. There was a whole lot of magic crammed in there, plus Christopher Lee as a book shop man. Loved that.

It's about dreams and books and magic and creativity and movies. I won't say it was perfect because of one little thing that I always notice, and I only notice it because it's the opposite of what I would do. So many of the conflicts in that movie could've been solved so quickly if ONLY the people involved had explained the situation. I'm an explainer. I like to be sure everyone understands what's going on. It cuts down on the misunderstandings. I have no mystique. I am a full disclosure kinda girl.

Some people yell "Don't go in the basement!" at a movie. I'm more of a "Tell him/her what you need/why you need it/what you're doing! Just explain so they understand! It is not a secret! Just tell!" Every time I complain about that though, someone arches an eyebrow loftily and declares that that would ruin the story. I usually snarl back something about a story that only works as long as it isn't told isn't much of a story, but nevermind.

It was a beautiful movie, it had Christopher Lee and Ben Kingsley in it, and I'm hoping I can see it again before long.
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• √ day one: read watchmen!! watch watchmen!!

• √ day two: draw your favorite character Quicky sharpie doodle!
• √ day three: draw your favorite pairing Bromance or romance, I just can't comfortably see them with anyone but each other.

• √ day four: do a makeshift cosplay
My first idea for a quick cosplay was to find my goggles and somebody willing to photograph me naked in the basement, but it didn't work out before I reconsidered*. Sooo, I did the next best thing:
Can you tell I made it myself? That's fifty cents worth of felt from Michael's and about five paperclipsin action right there.

• √ day five: write a short fic

*wussed out
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I went to the drive-in with my sister and her mother-in-law last night. I love the drive-in. It's not fancy and none of the speakers work, so you have to hear the audio on your car radio, but you get to sit outside on a summer night with the moon and the stars and the fireflies, drinking Dr. Peppers and talking, and that's even before the movie starts!

It was a double-feature, Super 8 and Thor. I liked both of them. I didn't know much about Super 8. I think I read on twitter that it had done the impossible by making the poster nostalgic for the 70s, and I knew it was a scifi type movie, but not much else. It reminded me of Goonies. I liked the little pyro kid and all the 70s haircuts, and the way you didn't see the critter until the end. I didn't see the need for the background drama. I don't think the tragic loss of the mom years before and the bad blood between the dads added anything to the story. It would've still worked without either conflicts.

Thor was fun. Asgard looked amazing. So did Chris Hemsworth's torso. Tom Hiddleston gets best eyes, though. I loved the pet store scene and I wished we got to see more of Sleipner. I was also trying to figure out why I recognized Stellan Skarsgård's voice in Thor, but not his face until I finally placed it. And the last movie I saw him in had him under some serious layers of make-up (Bootstrap Bill, PotC) so I guess I wouldn't have recognized him anyway.
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I finally got to see it. And wow. So pretty.
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This year’s Best Pictures Nominees.

I only saw two of them and that was because they came out in the summer: Inception and Toy Story 3. I liked both of them, and was pleased that movies I liked had been nominated. Usually I can’t stand the Oscar fare. It always seems to be depressing. I don’t even want to see the other nominees.

I don’t want to see True Grit because I’ve seen True Grit. And read the book. Vengeance, death,and snakebites. I’m done with it.
I don’t want to watch the Black Swan and see Natalie Portman lose her mind.
I don’t want to watch Winter’s Bones and see dysfunction and misery in a rural area.*
I don’t want to watch The Fighter and see people shriek at each other like monkeys.**
I don’t want to watch 127 Hours and see somebody get stuck in a hole and cut his own arm off to escape.***
I don’t want to watch The Social Network and see jerks being assholes. ****
I don’t want to watch the The Kids are All Right and see every reason why I hate the Lifetime Channel.

The only one that seemed even remotely uplifting was The King’s Speech. I’m glad it won. I still don’t want to see it. I don’t care that the Duke of York stuttered and later overcame it. See? The last nine words of that sentence told me all I needed to know in much less time than 118 minutes. I realize the cast is awesome. They’ve been amazing in everything I’ve seen them in, but they aren’t enough to make me care, as of this writing. That may change.

And yes, I am aware that there is more to those movies than one sentence, but try telling that to the part of my brain that moved The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension to the top of my Netflix queue.

* I live in Barrow. I can look out the window and see that.
** I work in a preschool. I see that every day.
*** Potentially triggering. See *.
**** The previews were enough to piss me off. No way I could watch two hours of it.


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