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Sometimes it's a five-legged calf!

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It began, as many things do, with a phone call from my sister, asking me if any of us (me, Mom, and Dad) wanted to see Prince Edward at the Greenville Highland Festival. We wondered a little while who Prince Edward was ("In a Can?" "No, that's Prince Albert...") and then decided to go, whoever he was. We never actually saw His Royal Highness, but we saw the car show, and the border collie demo, Coyote Run, sword-fighting, what felt like dozens of bagpipe bands (Many MANY renditions of Scotland the Brave. Many.), Albannach, and lots of sunburned little children halfway painted blue smiting each other with wooden swords.

More pictures here. )

I'll put my videos up as soon as they're all together.
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That's part celebratory noise and part rally-the-warrior-spirit yell. Tomorrow, I take to the air once again to go home for Christmas break. My destination city is in the midst of an inch-an-hour blizzard. Of course it is. Why wouldn't it be?

Hopefully, by the time I get there, the worst will be over. I was trying to cheer myself up with the thought of a Norse horde going a-viking by plane, but then it started to remind me of a Capitol One commercial, which I enjoy, don't get me wrong, but amusement doesn't bolster the warrior spirit that well.

Sigh. Wish me luck!
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Phew. I am a sweaty mess. I took Sophie Annabelle (who is in grave disfavor for growling at the nieces) on a woods-walk with me and she did very well for a dog terrified of everything. She got under the electric fence without getting either of us shocked (10 bonus points there) and only got the horrors once on our jaunt. I don't know what set her off but she was adamant that it was Something Which She Did NOT Want!

Usually I defer to dogs' judgment in the woods, because even the dopiest domesticated buffoon has keener senses than me on the best day of my life. Sophie, however, had a panic attack over my Mom's flipflops and just about choked herself on her own leash, so her judgment is suspect.

I meant to just walk her up the lane, but I could see the woods from the lane, and the wind was swishing all the branches and leaves and pollen were swirling all highlighted in the setting sun. It was like something out of Legend, and I couldn't resist it anymore than Lily could.

So we frolicked and flitted here and there. I was going to see if the Deadwoods were still where they had been, but the sky turned dark and the thunder started to rumble over the mountain and we decided getting our butts home was the better part of not being soaked or fried.

We got home before the storm hit, but I want to wait until the lightning settles down before I get in the shower. I don't know if you really can get electrocuted in the shower during a thunderstorm, but everyone in my family says you can, so I'm going to stay put for the time being. I may need a tick check before going to bed too...
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It was awesome out today.

I went for a walk through the field. It was so warm and green out in the open. There was purple clover and orange butterflies all over the place. When I got close to the woods, I thought I could hear water, but it was wind in the trees. Stepping into the woods comes with a whoosh of cool breeze. In there, it was cool and green.

I was on the lookout for snakes, but my usual method of making as much noise as possible in the underbrush is still working. I did however flush three deer. It's fawn season so I scouted around to see if there were any little Bambis hiding in the tall grass. If there were, they were hidden pretty well because I couldn't find any. Alas. I did see one from the car the other day and it was so cute. All legs and ears and a confused expression.

I took some pictures which I'll post later.
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Fic of the Day:Lonesome Dove

And good news from home! They decided not to open up Dad. The doctor says that he think the mass might be inflamation or scar tissue and not worth going in so close to the lung to get. He'll check it again in three months. So yay!


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