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Aw, man. I gotta do something to distract myself from winning imaginary arguments with people who hurt my feelings years ago. I've grumbled the same scathing remark I kept to myself back then for about an hour and that's entirely too long to dwell on past hurts that I told myself I was over a long time ago.

On to distractions! Channel hopping between the Mythbusters Star Wars special and Gravity Falls should do it.
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It has happened again.

I have finished one fanfic and was going to try to finish another WIP but once again, I have lost my notes. I know where the last place I saw them was. But they are not there now. How it vexes and confounds me.

I blame goblins.
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This year’s Best Pictures Nominees.

I only saw two of them and that was because they came out in the summer: Inception and Toy Story 3. I liked both of them, and was pleased that movies I liked had been nominated. Usually I can’t stand the Oscar fare. It always seems to be depressing. I don’t even want to see the other nominees.

I don’t want to see True Grit because I’ve seen True Grit. And read the book. Vengeance, death,and snakebites. I’m done with it.
I don’t want to watch the Black Swan and see Natalie Portman lose her mind.
I don’t want to watch Winter’s Bones and see dysfunction and misery in a rural area.*
I don’t want to watch The Fighter and see people shriek at each other like monkeys.**
I don’t want to watch 127 Hours and see somebody get stuck in a hole and cut his own arm off to escape.***
I don’t want to watch The Social Network and see jerks being assholes. ****
I don’t want to watch the The Kids are All Right and see every reason why I hate the Lifetime Channel.

The only one that seemed even remotely uplifting was The King’s Speech. I’m glad it won. I still don’t want to see it. I don’t care that the Duke of York stuttered and later overcame it. See? The last nine words of that sentence told me all I needed to know in much less time than 118 minutes. I realize the cast is awesome. They’ve been amazing in everything I’ve seen them in, but they aren’t enough to make me care, as of this writing. That may change.

And yes, I am aware that there is more to those movies than one sentence, but try telling that to the part of my brain that moved The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension to the top of my Netflix queue.

* I live in Barrow. I can look out the window and see that.
** I work in a preschool. I see that every day.
*** Potentially triggering. See *.
**** The previews were enough to piss me off. No way I could watch two hours of it.
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So, I ended up watching Fuse’s Top 40 sexiest videos for long enough to question the definitions of sexy. So far the common elements seem to be oily bodies, hands on mouths, and a lack of eye contact. Everybody looks like they’ve been in some sort of baby oil explosion and it feels so gross they can’t even look at each other, and they’re all pawing at their own faces. Combined with all the lipgloss, I don’t see why anyone bothers to wear good clothes to a video. Blech.

But gleaming, sweaty bodies in uninhibited dancing are sexy, some may claim. Well, I disagree. Not by themselves they aren't. Sexiness shouldn’t take this much effort. These people are trying very VERY hard to be provocative, but they’re amphibian-slimy with something or other, and everybody’s fingers are in everybody’s mouths. It could be that working with little kids has ruined my appreciation for that kind of thing, but it’s not doing anything for me.

Bring me somebody clean, or at least not oozy. Somebody who can be sexy just standing there, without being greased up and backlit or forced to hump the camera lens like they‘re being electrocuted. It can be done!

Also, the Glee version of Golddigger is better than the original. Thank you. That is all.


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