Feb. 5th, 2017 03:48 pm
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I have to clean. You don't even know. I have let it get so bad. Every room in the house is a mess. Am I doing it? Nope. Here I sit, watching Bigfoot shows. I need to get the timer and set it for an hour and work in each room from now until it's time to go to bed. I also need to go fill up the car with gas since it's my turn to drive carpool this week. But first, I think I will watch this show about the haunted Portland underground.

One thing I have done! I did a Strange Magic fic for [livejournal.com profile] 31_days. I'm not entirely useless.
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I’ve been thinking about the Watchmen kinkmeme lately. I’ve posted on memes for two other fandoms since and neither of them lasted long enough to fill up even one meme, much less as many as the Watchmen one did. I gotta finish my old WIPs. Meanwhile, I wrote a Mad Max thing for [livejournal.com profile] 31_days.

There was a lot of talk about David Bowie today. I was barely out of bed when [livejournal.com profile] siarwenevenstar texted me. All the media has been full of it today and I have been trying to remember the dream I had with him in it. It was years ago, and all I really remember is David Bowie, a beachside road that had been half washed away by a recent hurricane, and a live turkey roaming around. I don’t even want to look that up in the dream dictionary, but I would like to find my old dream diary and see if that’s one of the ones I wrote down.
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First day back at work! If we get any more kids, they’ll have to hire another teacher, but in the meantime, I have the whole grade to myself! Bwahahaaaaaugh! So, we have a new principal, three new teachers, one new aide and I have to move rooms. Luckily, my co-teacher is the queen of organized get-things-donedness and she has busted all manner of humps to get it finished already.

Meanwhile, I did a Strange Magic fic for today, then realized I hadn’t linked to some of the others ones. There’s a Mad Max one, a Pacific Rim one, and another Mad Max one that I forgot to link up. It may only matter to me, but I like to be able to find all my little ficcies every now and then.

Tomorrow, we schedule home visits. God helps us all.
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I finally got word that I WILL have my job next year. Yay! But I won’t have my same co-teacher who is awesome personified and who I am already grieving the loss of. So sad. She’ll be just next door, but still. Hopefully, my new person will be good too.

In other news, I did a Watchmen fic yesterday and a Beetlejuice one today. I’m also writing Strange Magic stuff left and right because the movie will be out soon and goblin bat royalty OCs are so much fun to draw.

Tomorrow: Train Ride!
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Alas, poor mouse didn't make it. I found his crumpled body, and that of one of his friends on my pile of clean towels. They both had their heads so I suspect the boy. I named them Yorick and Horatio and gave them a back porch funeral. (Picked them up with a paper towel and flung them off the porch into the back yard)

But I did get a Pacific Rim fix written over at [livejournal.com profile] 31_days. So it wasn't all dead mice and Shakespeare.
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My 'Chapter-a-Day' project at [livejournal.com profile] 31_days is finished! I used all 31 prompts to write a chapter a day of a (wandering) little fanfic. Now I need to a title for the whole thing. Here it is if anyone is interested.

Needs a Title )

Meanwhile, I was dismayed at the selection of colors available for the Lands End mocs, because I love those shoes and I was hoping to get some green or even aqua ones. All they have now though is black, tan, and navy. I didn't want any of those. However, youth sizes come in brighter colors AND were 50% off! Turns out, my usual 8.5 translates pretty nicely to a youth size 7 and now I have some cute rosey-pink mocs for half off! Such a productive day.
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Kittycat is still hanging in there. She is about finished with this batch of antibiotics. There is maybe half a dose left in the bottle and the little lady is going to have it. Her staggers and wobbles were all gone the first day which is a relief, but her blood work is still all crazed and she might still need insulin. We shall see. As it is, she snores so loudly, I thought there was an intruder in the house. Yeesh.

I have made myself another writing challenge. It is much like the last one, but this time, I'm going to try to go the whole month, writing a chapter a day, based on May's prompts over at [livejournal.com profile] 31_days. Here goes.

Meanwhile, the first month of the diet is over and I've only cheated a little bit with stuff that is technically allowed. I've learned that Walden Farms peanut butter tastes like the grease used to lube the machine that actually makes peanut butter. Maybe I can doctor it up enough to suit me.


Sep. 6th, 2013 02:03 pm
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Finally started writing for [livejournal.com profile] 31_days again. I meant to all summer but there was just so much else going on that I never got around to it and then I kept missing the amnesty days. But, back in the saddle for at least one day.Night Vale fic here. Now I need to find a Night Vale icon.
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I accidentally left my sketchbook at work which depresses me much more than necessary. I have other sketchbooks. I have paper. I just don't have the half-a-doodle I didn't know what to do with and now it's all I want to work on. It makes me mope.

I don't want to go to work tomorrow. There are three students out of my usual 22 that I internally wince at the sight of and I feel bad about that because they're just kids and there's probably a reason they are such ear-splitting little malcontents, but my last nerve wore out three days earlier than usual and I just wish either they would get the bug going around or I would just to give us all a break from each other.

The news makes me angry. Social injustice on the other social medias makes me sad. The fanfics I follow are either un-updated or ending on sad notes. And then there was the one that managed to hit so many of my personal squicks I can't visit that page anymore. *shudder*

I'm lucky these are the problems I have. Being aware of that does not make me any more cheery. But I did manage to make some reading comprehension color sheets for the 2nd graders who jones hard for coloring and I rewrote a fanfic snippet from the kinkmeme for 31_days.

Other good news: Mythbusters 10th Anniversary episode. Also I have had the 'You're Going to Die of Shrew Bites' song from MST stuck in my head since yesterday. Maybe singing it to the children would lift my spirits. (Hear it yourself at 1:06:58)

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Halfway through Nanowrimo. I have a few gaps, the main one being a scene I just don't want to write and a few others where I don't know how to segue to the next part just yet. We have tommyguns now, and some UST with the absolutely WRONG person, if he is a person, which is debatable. Hmm.

In nothing else, focusing on writing one thing for Nanowrimo has given me lots of ideas for my other fics in process, which I think is my brain just being contrary. "Nice and busy on that thing, huh?" my brain says. "I just thought of something that could be done with werewolves on the beach at sunset, if you're interested. And no worries, if you aren't, I'll just forget it."

Ito doesn't help that I also put a vanilla buttercream scent in the scentsy warmer and I keep catching myself roaming the house for cookies.
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Things I Learned Once Again Today:

1. People on a budget should NOT go to book stores.

2. I'm the reason the Barnes and Noble doesn't have carts. If it's too heavy to carry, I've chosen TOO MANY.

3. I probably can't afford more books than I can carry anyway.

4. Stay the hell AWAY from the chocolate cake/oreo layered dessert in the coffee corner and that goes for the pumpkin pie eggnog too. I get weighed in TOMORROW.

In news unrelated to my bibliomania, I finished two fics today. They were both started two years ago for a Halloween prompt and a random November prompt and are just now being completed. Better late than never!


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