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Two of the second graders I worked with last spring would use any excuse to color. All they wanted to do was color, but I was supposed to be working with them on their reading comprehension. So what I did was make them comprehension/coloring sheets. They would get one sheet of descriptions and then the coloring sheet.

The first one, I had drawings of five different children and five little puppies. My guys had to read the descriptions to color everything correctly. (The girl with glasses has a blue shirt on and the boy with curly hair has a dog with black spots.)
Once all the kids and dogs were correctly colored, they had to use the clues to figure out which dog belonged to which kid. It took a long time for them to get the hang of it, but once they had the groove, it was all they wanted to do. I ended up making a lot of the sheets. Including this one:

 photo Screenshot2013-07-12at101850AM_zps79c1e1b8.png  photo Screenshot2013-07-12at101914AM_zpsdec79dfa.png

Anyone who knows the characters at all won't need any of the hints, but second graders haven't had English Lit yet and most of them don't watch BBC, so they really had to hunker down and work it out.

I'm geeky enough to cackle and enjoy all this thoroughly, but the best part was that their comprehension scores had both gone up by the end. Win/win!


Jul. 20th, 2010 10:45 am
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This looks awesome! And I'm going to be in Barrow, so I can't go see it!

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This is no longer a problem.

Two hours later and I'm still grinning.


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