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Fanfiction night. Reading and writing it.

I have to squeeze in an extra chapter in between the one I was working on. I was working on it when the word came from Aurora and I had to stop for a bit. So... new conversation-y chapter to buffer until I can work up the stomach to finish the shoot-em-up chapter. Urf.

Also tempted to do an artsy thing (is it fanart if it's for your own work and your work is a fanwork of someone else's?) for each of my fics, but that could take awhile!
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I've had a good fanfic run this week and I'm hoping I can do some of the October themes for [livejournal.com profile] 31_days. It's been awhile since I've done non-Watchmen stuff, but I'm finally getting to the end of some of my sprawling tales. Hope it lasts!

In other news I had a dream I was babysitting for a neighbor and the Dad turned out to be a mover and shaker in the underworld, so some unsavory types came to kidnap the kid to hold over him. I didn't know that, I just knew men in black suits were shooting at me. So began a dream cross country escape. It was a blur of stealing cars, plugging bullet wounds with gas station tampons, and hiding live rattlesnakes where a pursuer would stumble upon them. I let the kid call his Dad to let him know everything was ok.

I don't remember how we got away and then got back, but I do remember saying that if a psychologist could ever trace any psychosis in the kid back to the trauma of the adventure, I would cheerfully refund the $20. That's a babysitting guarantee, right there.
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It would be nice to actually finish a fic for a change and this one should be done by now! I was going to end it! But I thought, I'd add a little more and now I have a whole new idea to add and it's never going to be done! Why can't I wrap it up and say 'The End'??

I have nine unfinished fics in this fandom alone and I just think it would be nice to get back to an even number. A few are written in my head and just need the time to be typed. Some just need a little inspiration. And some of them I haven't gotten feedback on in so long, I've kinda lost my nerve. So I need to rally up the troops to finish those. If only inspiration was more like a turtle, a turtle right behind me, for example...

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Ok, I have an (ok, several) ongoing fanfic over at the Watchmen Kinkmeme. I haven’t been able to update them lately due to real life chasing me around waving a morningstar made of reality over its head. But! I thought, this weekend! I’ll post a chapter or two and ride the update updraft to better times with the RL stuff.

There is, however, a snag.

I had this particular fic all plotted out, but then, I had gotten a new idea that I had liked better and so I jotted it down so I would remember. Folks, I have forgotten where I wrote it down and all I remember was that it was better than my original idea. What am I supposed to do now? I could stick with the Plan A, I guess, but B was better! I felt better about it.

Do I just wait and keep looking? If history repeats itself, I’ll find B as soon as I finish A. Maybe I can type out the A to lure B out of hiding.

Should I devote all that search time to an even better (maybe) Plan C?

Or should I just declare that if the idea was all that good in the first place, I wouldn’t have forgotten it?

It’s hard work being scatterbrained. People think it’s easy. It isn’t.


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