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It's early to be relieved, but so far so good, April Fools Day-wise. Not only is it not a school day (no being told my shoelace/zipper is undone a thousand times) but the Queen of April Fools is out of town! My mother is a master prankster and can be diabolic when she wants to. She's done the oreos filled with toothpaste one. She's written messages in WD-40 in the shower so they don't appear until you've been in there awhile. She has filled rooms with balloons, blocked doorways with pop machines, and hidden sound chips from singing greeting cards EVERYwhere. She has also hacked other peoples' email accounts to send incriminating emails to supervisors.

Then there was the time when I was 14, she got me to rearrange my whole room to make space for the little boy from the Philippines we were going to foster for awhile. She sat me down and told me how he had been removed from an ugly situation and he was going to live with us until the trial was over and since my sisters were already sharing a room, he would have to stay with me. Which is all exactly the sort of thing my mother would do, so I accepted it and started pushing all my furniture over to one side of the room.

And I'm asking questions about how old he is and does he speak any English and she's just standing there with tears in her eyes, biting her lip, telling me "Just 6." and "Only a little bit." And then I'm struggling to pull my footlocker full of Elfquest books across the room and she can't stand it anymore and bursts out laughing. She hugged me and told me how good I was, even though I had ruined her joke. There was no little boy who needed a foster home. She had thought I would pitch a surly teenage fit over having my privacy invaded without any notice so she could hold me and whisper 'April Fools!' at the height of my outrage, and there I was wondering if he would need a dresser and half the closet or just the dresser.

Every year she gets me, one way or the other, but this year she is on the road, so there's a chance I might make it through. I'll just have to be careful to take all text messages with a grain of salt.
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Ok, see, next time you go to Murrell's Inlet, SC, go eat at Bliss. It. Is. AMAZING.

We accidently passed the restaurant we were heading to and we were all hungry and cranky so the driver decided we were just going to eat at the very next place we came to. (Yes, it was a family outing. How did you know?) It was a small little restaurant next to a sports lodge, so we were thinking wings and burgers. Hah! Not even close. The food was so good that all we could talk about while we were eating it was coming back for dinner for more. Oh. OHoh. So good.

Seriously, we all got different things and shared bites and everything was awesome. I had steak with four cheese potatoes au gratin that was just heavenly, but the buffalo meatloaf, oyster po-boys, and Low Country chicken roulade were amazing too. I can't vouch for the sea bass because it was gone before I got a bite, but that says it all right there.

So! If you're anywhere near Myrtle Beach, take the trip down to Murrell's Inlet and stop at Bliss. The blackberry-banana-bread pudding alone is worth it. We were giddy after eating that. Our only disappointment was that we won't be there Sunday for the Blueberry and White Chocolate French Toast casserole. Because OMG. 
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It was an amazingly beautiful day. I tagged along to Princeton and all the trees were red and yellow and I don't even think there is a word for the shade of orange we saw. One of my nieces was with us and I took her wood-stomping behind my aunt's house. We found leaves and made them into crowns and cracked acorns for the squirrels. She also learned a new word: briars.

Meanwhile my living room is hip deep in stuff from storage. I am finding old drawings that I really should finish and old letters from people and mix tapes for car trips and who knows what else. I'm afraid I'm going to keep it all. Maybe I should go digital and scan everything onto a thumbdrive or something and still have it, but be able to toss the piles. Because there's a lot of them.

Today's 31_days fic: A Biker ficlet )
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We did the bridge walk at the New River Gorge Bridge yesterday! I spent the morning downloading steampunkish music and then the afternoon inching around on rusted metal and bolts and catwalks and the like.

It was awesome and a little scary. All the traffic on the bridge shook the whole structure and the sound was just a roar all the time. And the wind was blowing and the mist was rising and there were falcons cruising around us. Pretty awesome! It took two hours because the group ahead of us was in no hurry, so we spent a long time clinging to the swaying rails just waiting for the herd to move on.

Also, I haven't posted the last two 31_days fics I've done, so here they are: A Last Unicorn and a Watchmen one.
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Phew! I'm an auntie! This time to a nephew! The first one so far. Ever!

I was the only not there, so I feel a little bad about that, but I am still all giddy.


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