Mar. 4th, 2017 08:01 pm
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I had a Metallica dream. I’ve been listening to Murder One a lot lately and reading Dresden File books, so my brain cooked up a weird little modern fairy tale for me.

In the dream, there was a prophecy about some silver item and something called the Fires of the Faithful. When they lined up, the earth would shake and some old Fae influence would be broken. The Fae did not want that to happen, so they had the silver thing shattered.

I was working for a human who had gathered up all those pieces. He was a bass player for a metal band. I don’t know what his beef with the Fae was, but he had found the spot where the thing they controlled was buried and set up a concert over it.

Since I was the last one to touch the broken pieces, I got tracked down by the Fae knights (or whatever they were) right before the concert starts. They were being all smug and threatening, talking to each other about mortals and their tricks and how we thought we were so clever, but what sad little insects we really were. They had already been to my house and found smelting tools and whatnot, so they knew I had melted the silver thing down.

“And what do you make of that?” one said to the other and I immediately said: “Guitar Strings!”

That was when the guy started playing Murder One with the silver guitar strings (0:46) and the vibration rattled these two to the bone. They threw me out of the way to run to stop the guy, but the crowd all raised their lighters and that was the Fire of the Faithful. One of the knights turned to stone and the other one turned to wood. The thing in the ground was some kind of huge, seven foot crystal, and the music made it rise up from the ground in the middle of the concert. It was vibrating and turning black and shooting off purple lightning and then it exploded into nothing, so you know, best concert ever?
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Friday night I dreamed of Froud. My poor kitty died over the summer and I think I handled it pretty well considering how long and hard I worked to keep her alive. In the dream, I knew she was dead, but I would see her around the house. Asleep on the couch or following me to the kitchen, just her normal alive things. I would be doing the whole ‘Is it really you?’ business and reaching to touch her. As soon as I did touch her though, she would turn into her brother, the surviving cat. She’d go from black and white floof to brown tabby and white goob. It happened so often I went to get a witness to confirm that it was one cat until I laid hand on her, and then she became the other cat. It probably means something, but I don’t know what.

Last night, I dreamed that I had been exiled to a place where the forgotten things go. I was there and several kids in the grade I usually teach were there and I guess they were my class. I seemed to be in charge of them. There were other things there too. Random folklore creatures that had been forgotten and now were in this place. The frog-mouthed women who lived in the hayloft where bitter about it. The blacksmith with the head of a wolf spider was more accepting. There were all kinds of magical creatures that I had never heard of because they had been forgotten. There were also lots of semi-abandoned buildings in different stages of falling apart. I guess they had been forgotten too.

I didn’t know what I had done to be forgotten, but I was more worried about all the little kids. How did they all get there?

In Dreams

Aug. 10th, 2016 09:11 pm
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Last night was the last night of summer vacation before I went back to work. I dreamed that I was sent to a jungle with a military-type person named Candace, who looked like Joey from Watchmen, and an Omnic from Overwatch. His name was Megan. I don’t know what my role was but I had a clipboard and a pen. The main part I remember was I locked myself in a video phone booth to call HQ and let them know that things had gone awry.

Me: Ok, there’s a situation….

HQ person in charge: Where’s the commander?

Me: I don’t really know, but I know that Megan is wearing her skin and calling himself Human Candace.

HQ PIC: …what?

And then behind me, the form of an Omnic wearing a torn and bloody human skin smashed against the booth window. Everybody flinched. The bottom of Megan’s face was visible through the gaping mouth of the skin.

Megan: I am Human Candace! We shall interact! That is what humans do!

Me: *holds up the clipboard where I’ve written HELP all over the paper*

HQ PIC: um

Megan: We could kiss!

Me: um

Megan: Humans enjoy kissing. Perhaps it is YOU who are not human!

Me: Human Candace! I am on the phone. Protocol demands you wait until communication is complete!

Megan:……………………..very well.

And then he sat down to wait right there and me and the HQ PIC had to find things to talk about until help could arrive.

Training tomorrow! We’ll see what happens.


Jun. 20th, 2016 12:34 pm
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I dreamed that I had to keep a small group of Klingons entertained until a ship could be sent for them. At a loss, I put them in front of a Game of Thrones marathon. They really got into it. Many hot wings were eaten. Many shouts about treachery.
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So I dreamed Ron Perlman was sent to my house to help me move and the place is a mess and I spent the whole time apologizing and trying to scoot piles out of sight. The first thing I thought of when I woke up was that I needed to call in sick and clean.
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I’ve been thinking about the Watchmen kinkmeme lately. I’ve posted on memes for two other fandoms since and neither of them lasted long enough to fill up even one meme, much less as many as the Watchmen one did. I gotta finish my old WIPs. Meanwhile, I wrote a Mad Max thing for [livejournal.com profile] 31_days.

There was a lot of talk about David Bowie today. I was barely out of bed when [livejournal.com profile] siarwenevenstar texted me. All the media has been full of it today and I have been trying to remember the dream I had with him in it. It was years ago, and all I really remember is David Bowie, a beachside road that had been half washed away by a recent hurricane, and a live turkey roaming around. I don’t even want to look that up in the dream dictionary, but I would like to find my old dream diary and see if that’s one of the ones I wrote down.


Jul. 10th, 2015 10:05 am
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As soon as it occurs to me that summer is fast passing by, I start having weird dreams.

Yesterday, I had one that involved the five wives from Mad Max: Fury Road trying to escape from haunted house. I’ve had the haunted house dream before. There’s something new and awful in every room and you have to get through all of them to get out. Occasionally the ghosts of Bluebeard’s wives show up to help. They probably would’ve liked the five wives.

Last night’s dream involved the craft’s hut at my parents’ house and some kind of mission that involved people I don’t know. There was also a fish with some kind of parasite in place of its tongue. It wasn’t the jolly, Henson-esque little cymothoa exigua either. This thing looked like a gigantic set of grasshopper back legs sticking out of the fish’s mouth.

The thing was that everyone wanted to suck on those. We were passing around the fish so that everyone could have a turn. And that wasn’t a bit strange until I had to write it down. And now I’m horrified. I don’t even want to look that up in the dream dictionary.
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I've been having a reoccuring dream that I have forgotten an apartment I used to live in. Something reminds me and I go back to it and it's always a really nice place except it's full of my stuff. I have to move out because I haven't paid rent in months and so I'm all flustered and trying to get everything in order and there is always a pet there that I've also neglected.

The most recent one was a bird. A chipper little black and white bird in a cage that hadn't been fed in who knows how long, still hopping and whistling on his perch. And the dream-guilt is horrible. How could I have forgotten my pet? It's a miracle he's even still alive! So I'll be scrambling to find him food and get him out of there because stuff is stuff, my poor little baby and how could I do this, how how how??

Then it will hit me that I have never owned a bird and there's no way I could afford a place this nice, especially to just leave it. If it ever had been mine, what made me forget about it, and if it hadn't ever been mine, what was making me think it was my mess to clean up? And then I wake up more disturbed than a messy apartment and an animal to save should make me.

Luckily for me, I have a dream dictionary. )
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I had werewolf dreams last night. One was chasing me through my parent's house. Doors just fell apart when it got to them. It did grab my leg once, but the claws didn't puncture. I woke up before it got me, but the rest was a lot like this: this.

And just for fun:
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Does anyone else have movie trailer dreams?

Mine started out with a child's voice singing "London Bridge is Falling Down" and there's this hush and then the scene cuts to London Bridge blowing up. There's a reaction shot from Mark Gatiss looking up. Then Big Ben explodes. Skyscape view with the sun going down behind the building with smoke from the two spots going up and then three more explosions flare up into it. Crowds are scrambling to get away except for the rest of the BBC Sherlock cast who are running towards the blast. Dramatic music a la Mind Heist is blaring and action hero types are pointing and shouting and Gary Oldman is there, but he backs into an alley and disappears. Suddenly it's night and all the lights blink out except for a cigarette lighter flame. The kid sings a mournful little "...myyyy fairrrrr lady...." as the cigarette is lit. And the flames reflect off the eyes of the smoker and there is maybe half a second to recognize Hugh Laurie being all scary and smirky before there's a boom and it all goes black.

Whatever that is, I would watch the hell out of it.

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Last night I dreamed that I was going to the beach with the family. We were all scrambling to get ready in time and I was getting nervous because I wasn't helping enough. Every time there was something that needed doing, I was busy with something else and I could sense my family getting irritated at me for it. We kept moving our packed bags from place to place, and I was forever running around the house to look for things that we would also need. The dogs were in my way, and I really had to go to the bathroom, and somebody kept popping up to ask me why I wasn't already finished with (insert task)

Finally, I have worked my way to the bathroom and I'm promising over my shoulder that I will do any and everything they say if I can just have a moment because I really, really have to pee. The dog is in the way again, blocking the toilet, so I have to wrestle him out into the hallway and slam the door and finally, I can take care of this. Once seated, I realize that the room is full of gigantic mosquitos. They are so big, they look like magnified photos. Mosquitos the size of jumbo shrimp. And they are everywhere. One lands on my thigh and I can see the three inch proboscis about to stab so I smack it and it just explodes with blood and the blood is sticky like wet cobwebs and I'm trying to get it off and trying to get covered so the others can't get me and why the hell are there giant mutant mosquitos in the bathroom?? And I woke up all stressed out.


But, I've had a productive morning otherwise. Took the recycling to the center, returned the spice rack that doesn't fit in my cabinet, cleaned the car, and took it to get the oil changed. Now I watch a show about the yeti and clean the kitchen during commercials. Go, me!


Dec. 28th, 2011 04:07 pm
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Ok, ok, I had such a weird dream last night and the main thing I remember is that John Waters was teaching a Sunday school class.

There was also something about going back to week-long art camp at my old college, but none of the people I was friends with would talk to me so I ended up wandering around hallways and rooftops and that's how I stumbled onto the Sunday school room. There was also someone named Victor that I wanted to impress, but I don't know anybody in real life named Victor and he wasn't interested in hanging out in the dream either.

But still! John Waters! Teaching Sunday school!
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I used to have a dream where I was looking out my childhood bedroom window and I could see the cupola or widow's walk of a house just barely over the trees at the foot of the mountain. There has never been a house there that I knew of, so I went out into the woods to find it. It always turned out to be this old Victorian-esque house painted black.

I manage to get inside and the place is fully furnished, but dusty and covered with cobwebs. As I wonder through, sometimes there will be more people with me, and sometimes I'll be alone, but it is never long before we realize there is a body (or a skeleton) in each room. And the ghost of the dead person. It's like Bluebeard and he killed one of his wives in every room of the house and they were all still there.

Then, either I or the group I'm with start running from room to room and it's like a haunted house at an amusement park, with the running and screaming and things leaping out at us. But I was never really scared. I just knew I had to go through every room and wake up every ghost.

On waking, I would try to figure out what it meant, what I needed to go to every room for. Maybe I wanted all the ghosts chasing me so I could lead them out. Maybe the only way out was to go through the whole house. It was a reoccurring dream that I've had since I was a kid, so I had plenty of chances to see everything.

And then! The other day? On tumblr? I found a picture of a house that looks almost exactly like the one in the woods. It only needs to be black. I don't know what the source of the pic is, sorry to say. I thought I had saved the whole link, but I only saved the picture.


I'd live there, no matter what color it was painted.
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I've had a good fanfic run this week and I'm hoping I can do some of the October themes for [livejournal.com profile] 31_days. It's been awhile since I've done non-Watchmen stuff, but I'm finally getting to the end of some of my sprawling tales. Hope it lasts!

In other news I had a dream I was babysitting for a neighbor and the Dad turned out to be a mover and shaker in the underworld, so some unsavory types came to kidnap the kid to hold over him. I didn't know that, I just knew men in black suits were shooting at me. So began a dream cross country escape. It was a blur of stealing cars, plugging bullet wounds with gas station tampons, and hiding live rattlesnakes where a pursuer would stumble upon them. I let the kid call his Dad to let him know everything was ok.

I don't remember how we got away and then got back, but I do remember saying that if a psychologist could ever trace any psychosis in the kid back to the trauma of the adventure, I would cheerfully refund the $20. That's a babysitting guarantee, right there.

List Logic

Jun. 22nd, 2011 10:31 am
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It stormed last night and I dreamed that there was a cat on the roof about to get hit by lightning if I didn't get her inside. My sister's old cat Cinnamon was there too, all snuggly and purry as she watched me try to get this strange cat off the roof in a storm. Eventually I managed it and kept a cat on each side so they wouldn't fight and get us all thrown out. When I woke up, the storm was over and both of my kitties were snuggled up with me.

Meanwhile, I have a shopping day with my Mom planned so that should be fun. I also reeeeally need to clean the kitchen, which probably won't be. And do laundry... and finish painting the hall... and spackle the wall in the sun room... I should make a real list so that even if I don't get it all finished, I'll still have a list. Whatever sense that may make to anybody.
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I dreamed I was asleep in a bed between two fictional characters I tend to be fangirly about. There was nothing sexual about it. We were asleep. Then the one on the edge of the bed towards the room raised up on an elbow and shook me awake to point to the closet where there was a ghost materializing. He had been telling me about it earlier in a scene not shown, and knew I wanted to see it.

So I woke up enough to watch and the ghost took the form of my Grandma. She just stood there in my closet, shimmering and smiling, and I remember thinking 'I didn't even know she had died!', but she looked so sweet and happy, I wasn't upset.

I went back to sleep, and there was a dream-jump where my Mom called to tell me, and I told her I already knew and she asked how, and I said that I had just seen her ghost in the closet. … Or maybe I dreamed that conversation while sleeping in the original dream … I better check to see if the top is still spinning or something.

Anyway, I've been cruising the online dream dictionary to find out what it means, and wishing I knew where my actual dream dictionary was. My bet is on it being in the craft's hut back home, probably in a tupperware container. It won't be long before I can find out.
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Most people can kind of lurch themselves out of nightmare when it gets bad. I myself have a few reoccurring nightmares that I can bail from as soon as I recognize what’s happening. (Uh-oh. It’s the long hallway with the stairs at the end. I’m out of here.)

Last night I woke myself up because I knew I was getting myself in trouble of a totally different kind. At about 1 am, I was on a talk show and had to snap myself out of telling Craig Ferguson what a jerk someone I used to know was and how I would play Devil’s advocate at every opportunity just to derail their vicious little tirades.

Now, I am a contrary little thing. I can’t help it. It’s in my nature. I am also non-confrontational, so instead of flat out telling someone they are being a jerk, I have to subtly undermine them instead. It has served me well in the past, but it kinda ruins the fun if they know I'm doing it and I was telling everybody about it on national tv! So, I had to shut myself up and wake up before Craig could charm any more secrets out of me.
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Last night, I dreamed that there was a feral little boy living in a rotting house that I would visit. He would never talk, just crouch down and watch while I washed out tupperware that I found in dumpsters. They were full of sand. When anyone else showed up, he would duck into a back room with a speakeasy sliding peephole that he would look out of. You could also see his feet under the door.

So we’re having one of our usual visits. Then Oprah and Arsenio Hall show up. And the kid bolts for the back room. Only instead of the sliding thing, he is wrestling a plywood sheet over the door. I decide that we’re freaking him out (gee, ya think?) and I scoop up the containers and a pan I had found and start out the door. Behind me, Oprah and Arsenio both scream in alarm and I start running. Instead of an alley, it’s now the back corridor at work and I ducked into the D wing work room just to be out of sight. Just before I locked the door, I saw the kid run by, still holding the plywood, and that scared me so bad I woke up.

In that first few ‘gah!’ moments after waking up I came up with the panicked thought that maybe he had wanted the tupperware. I still haven’t figured out why that was scared me so badly in the dream.

In other news: Snow Day!
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I dreamed there was a little vampire child named Collette. She had long claws and when I wasn't being as frightened as she wanted me to be, she stabbed them through the book I was reading. That did startle me. She tried to stab me, but I dodged and she only got my shirt. So while I was figuring out how I was going to get away with staking a cute little girl through the heart, I started noticing that all the other little kids around had gone all Rennfield on me.

Not only where they going bonkers, but their bodies were transforming into cartoony twisted shapes. Kinda like these. A kid came up to me all freaked out and started bubbling liked bad claymation. He kept saying "I'm going, I'm going!" until I freaked and yelled "No, you're not!" and clubbed him over the head with my laptop. It didn't help. He turned into a gobliny thing, flapped his arms, and flew away. Yes, he did. And then up pops Collette and she says the crazy line from this dream, which was "He'd be a perfect pet for your gryphon."

If I hadn't been dodging the mutant children, I would've been very interested in this gryphon of mine, but while this went on a little girl with long blond hair went zombie. Her hair curled up into a poodle perm and her eyes got really blue until one cracked like glass and turned yellow. Then Collette started after me and I decided I had had enough and woke up.
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Last night, I dreamed that my feet were hurting, but I was too busy to stop. I just figured that my shoes didn’t fit. When I finally got a chance to peel them off, the soles of my feet were all spongy with little white worms eating their way around in it. That was gross, but the worst was when I found the source of the pain, a very bright, very sharp gold screw, all tangled in the spongy fibers at the bottom of a hole in my foot.

If the stringy, slimy inside of a pumpkin was bright red and warm and had a screw tangled in it, that’s what it would’ve looked like. The fibers were all wrapped around the screw threads and I couldn’t get them loose without yanking or tearing and I was afraid to do that. I just knew it would hurt.

I made myself wake up after that and I had forgotten it until just now. Yech.


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