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Jul. 20th, 2017 12:08 pm
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Ugh, I dreamed I was at a hotel convention with my old college friends and people I had dated before and I was convinced that we were all having the same dream at the same time. So I was trying to be on my best behavior so all these people would remember me fondly when they woke up. There was even some public nudity because I had to chase one of those people through the crowded convention hall while in nothing but a towel. I don't remember what had happened but someone had told them that there was a reason I hated them so much. And I didn't hate them! I didn't hate them so much I ran out of the shower to tell them that I didn't.

I chased them through the crowd back to their room and sputtered and wheezed that I didn't hate them and never had and I would do anything to keep them from feeling bad, because they were great and I missed them. They hugged me and that was it and I went back to my own room with my towel, kicking myself because I hadn't said that I loved them.

It's less than a month before I go back to The Job. It must be time for the stress dreams to start.
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Last night I dreamed I was in the Amazon jungle trying to stop some kind of development. It was kind of a cross between Fern Gully and WtA. I was the only one without powers or weapons, so I decided to fake it until you make it.

Everyone else was shapechanging and summoning the forces of nature. I found out the name of the development foreman and stalked over to him in the middle of all the magical battle.

“William Thurman McDonald!” I yelled. (It’s a name from an old episode of Night Court.) “By your True Name I Summon Thee!” And he made a WTF face at me and I kicked him square in the crotch. I don’t remember if it worked or not, but I woke up thinking I had at least helped the cause a little.
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Last night I dreamed I found a dog tied up and abandoned in the woods.When I was dreaming in my own POV, it was poor, starved dog with a collar embedded in its neck. When the dream shifted to a third person view, it was a little pig. Whatever the little animal was, though, I was carrying it around, taking care of it.

I took it to some cafeteria lunch, but my coworkers wouldn’t let me sit with them if I had a pig with me. So, then came the line I woke up remembering. One of them told me to “Go sit with the Australians!”

So I looked around and some people at a table off to the side waved their arms. I took that to mean that they were the Australians, and I took my pig to go sit with them. They were nice.

That was the dream. I don’t know what it means.

But! I have seen two more movies! Inside Out was at the drive-in. The folks and my sister and her kids all came and I think they all enjoyed it. I heard my parents laughing several times.

Oh man. I gotta say, in a movie about feelings, the part that tweaked mine the most was the short about the volcanoes at the beginning. As my movie buddy said, “If they don’t end up together, I’m going home right now.”

That being said, there’s always something heartbreaking in a Pixar movie, and for me, this time. It was Bing Bong. As soon as he wanted to make a third try, I knew what he was going to do, and I’m hoping Joy can find a way to write his song into Riley’s dreams or something so she’ll remember him again.

Also, I saw Ant-Man with my friend and was pleasantly surprised. I had doubts. Marvel usually manages to be fun, no matter what, but Ant-Man? Really? I did end up enjoying it more than I thought I would. I think there were some serious issues with the female characters. Like WHY NOT HOPE? HOPE WOULD BE AN AWESOME HERO THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I think she shoulda taken the yellowjacket suit and kicked all manner of ass in it. But, the ants themselves were precious buggy bugs. I haven’t been so emotional about a giant ant since Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Ant-ony!

Also, the three amigo partners in crime made my day. I like the Ukrainian one.
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Ok. I dreamed I was badass.

I'm really not, ok? I'm the kid who was too meek to remind the bus driver that she didn't let me off at my stop and rode for miles trying to find a way to tell her that wouldn't make her feel bad or go out of her way to take me back. In the dream though, I was really, really BAMFy.

Part of the dream was somebody reading off a list of my former employers like the CIA and Special Forces and all kinds of acronyms that I'm pretty sure don't exist. Apparently if there was a cartel or mob family or whatever that needed to be destroyed from within, they would drop me off a few miles out of town, I would go in, kill everybody, and transfer all the monies to some untraceable account. Then, I would move on, like the wind.

Other things in the dream that I remember:

  • When the person I was supposed to be protecting was held hostage, I shot him so that he would no longer be held over me. The hostage taker didn't know what to do then. So I shot him too.

  • Some one who knew me was telling the bad guys looking for me to keep a look out for broken knees and gauged out eyes because kicking someone's knee backwards and then taking their eyes out when they buckled was my signature move.

  • I had a nail gun. And I threw a lot of knives.

  • There might have been werewolves, but I can't be sure because they never transformed.

  • I actually got shot in the head and it took out my own eye and I smirked at the sniper's boss and said "I'm going to look so awesome in an eye patch, you don't even know."

  • And I DID! I looked AMAZING in an eyepatch!

  • I was kinda maybe dating a guy who would neither confirm or deny having been part of the Spetsnaz, but the winged dagger was on his jacket and he had a Russian accent so…

Anyway, it was a jumble of all the action movies I've ever seen with a smattering of Human Target and while I didn't wake up actually any more badass than I had ever been, it wasn't a bad way to hit a Monday morning.
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Yesterday, I went to see the new Evil Dead with my cousin. It had all the horror of the original, with about twice the yuck, but not as much of the fun. I admit there were parts I looked away from.

I don't think it's too spoilery to say that the main thing I liked was that there was a reason five pretty people decided to go to an abandoned cabin in the woods. Helping a junkie friend go cold turkey away from anything else makes more sense than just heading out for make outs and piano lessons. On the other hand, these five were stupid. My cousin and I agreed that the movie would've been maybe 15 minutes long if we had been in it. Minor spoilers here, but as soon as either of us saw a blood trail leading to a trap door to the cellar, that would've been all she wrote.

"OK! Back to the car! We can detox just as easy at the beach. Chop chop. I will beat anyone who tries to open that door senseless with a tire iron and burn the whole house down. Seriously, if I catch any of you trying to read aloud anything more arcane than a shampoo bottle, you will not be safe around me ever again. Now get in the car."

The evil dead are going to have to use up their airline miles if they want to catch me, but the movie was honestly grosser than it was scary. I was hoping I wouldn't have nightmares and I didn't, but I did have weird dreams. It didn't help that the smoke detector battery went dead at about 3 am and started chirping.

I heard it in my dream and in my dream I started counting in between chirps, like counting between thunder and lightning to see how many miles away the storm is. I don't know what I was counting for, but it didn't take me long to realize that it wasn't just me. There was another little whispery, singsong voice counting with me. That scared me because I knew I was alone, and then I realized that the voice was coming from my cat.

She would never go higher than ten, but her voice kept getting more and more urgent and it was freaking me out a little so I woke up to get away from it. The smoke detector was still chirping, but I ignored it as best I could until daylight. I got some 9 volt batteries today, so hopefully that won't happen again any time soon.
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So, last night I dreamed that I was lost in a misty woods in England and then Tim Gunn tried to sell me some ice cream but I couldn't afford it because it was about $40. When I asked him why it was so expensive, he said that the pound was about twice the dollar now. So I had to pass on the ice cream. There was also something about the Slenderman, but I think he was just passing by.


Dec. 28th, 2011 04:07 pm
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Ok, ok, I had such a weird dream last night and the main thing I remember is that John Waters was teaching a Sunday school class.

There was also something about going back to week-long art camp at my old college, but none of the people I was friends with would talk to me so I ended up wandering around hallways and rooftops and that's how I stumbled onto the Sunday school room. There was also someone named Victor that I wanted to impress, but I don't know anybody in real life named Victor and he wasn't interested in hanging out in the dream either.

But still! John Waters! Teaching Sunday school!
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I used to have a dream where I was looking out my childhood bedroom window and I could see the cupola or widow's walk of a house just barely over the trees at the foot of the mountain. There has never been a house there that I knew of, so I went out into the woods to find it. It always turned out to be this old Victorian-esque house painted black.

I manage to get inside and the place is fully furnished, but dusty and covered with cobwebs. As I wonder through, sometimes there will be more people with me, and sometimes I'll be alone, but it is never long before we realize there is a body (or a skeleton) in each room. And the ghost of the dead person. It's like Bluebeard and he killed one of his wives in every room of the house and they were all still there.

Then, either I or the group I'm with start running from room to room and it's like a haunted house at an amusement park, with the running and screaming and things leaping out at us. But I was never really scared. I just knew I had to go through every room and wake up every ghost.

On waking, I would try to figure out what it meant, what I needed to go to every room for. Maybe I wanted all the ghosts chasing me so I could lead them out. Maybe the only way out was to go through the whole house. It was a reoccurring dream that I've had since I was a kid, so I had plenty of chances to see everything.

And then! The other day? On tumblr? I found a picture of a house that looks almost exactly like the one in the woods. It only needs to be black. I don't know what the source of the pic is, sorry to say. I thought I had saved the whole link, but I only saved the picture.


I'd live there, no matter what color it was painted.
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I dreamt of plane crashes the other night. And not just normal planes, massive, first scene of Star Wars kinda deals. I was at my folks' house and we were out on the deck and this giant, arrowhead-shaped plane thing was cruising over the mountain. It listed to the side and then tipped forward and rolled over all in slow motion and then just dove into the pasture out there. It exploded into a fireball and even though it was just over the next hill, there wasn't a sound.

I ran to call 911 and they didn't believe me. So I was yelling at the phone that I could see it burning and to get somebody out here, when another plane-thing shows up and it crashes too! And I'm getting hysterical and screaming "There'sanotheronethere'sanotherone! Oh my God!" and the operator on the other end is all "Nope, nope. I still don't see anything."

I woke up all irritated. It's probably a new take on an old stress dream, like when you try to run and you can't, or trying to find someone all through a building,(in my case,it's usually my old high school) or when you're rushing around trying to save all the kittens or feed all the fish or whatever. I don't handle frustration well, awake or asleep.

List Logic

Jun. 22nd, 2011 10:31 am
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It stormed last night and I dreamed that there was a cat on the roof about to get hit by lightning if I didn't get her inside. My sister's old cat Cinnamon was there too, all snuggly and purry as she watched me try to get this strange cat off the roof in a storm. Eventually I managed it and kept a cat on each side so they wouldn't fight and get us all thrown out. When I woke up, the storm was over and both of my kitties were snuggled up with me.

Meanwhile, I have a shopping day with my Mom planned so that should be fun. I also reeeeally need to clean the kitchen, which probably won't be. And do laundry... and finish painting the hall... and spackle the wall in the sun room... I should make a real list so that even if I don't get it all finished, I'll still have a list. Whatever sense that may make to anybody.
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I dreamed I was asleep in a bed between two fictional characters I tend to be fangirly about. There was nothing sexual about it. We were asleep. Then the one on the edge of the bed towards the room raised up on an elbow and shook me awake to point to the closet where there was a ghost materializing. He had been telling me about it earlier in a scene not shown, and knew I wanted to see it.

So I woke up enough to watch and the ghost took the form of my Grandma. She just stood there in my closet, shimmering and smiling, and I remember thinking 'I didn't even know she had died!', but she looked so sweet and happy, I wasn't upset.

I went back to sleep, and there was a dream-jump where my Mom called to tell me, and I told her I already knew and she asked how, and I said that I had just seen her ghost in the closet. … Or maybe I dreamed that conversation while sleeping in the original dream … I better check to see if the top is still spinning or something.

Anyway, I've been cruising the online dream dictionary to find out what it means, and wishing I knew where my actual dream dictionary was. My bet is on it being in the craft's hut back home, probably in a tupperware container. It won't be long before I can find out.
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Remember that Skittles commercial with the tree growing out of the kids torso? He wants it removed so he can go to college and his mom won't let him because it's a miracle and she wants those Skittles.

The only part of my dreams I remember was that conversation continued. When she reminds him that it's a miracle, he snaps.

"For you! I'll never get to leave the farm or go to school or fall in love or have a family of my own. Would you rather have Skittles or grandchildren?" And since it's still a commercial for Skittles, she clutches her bucket tight.

"What kind of talk is this?" she asks, backing away from him. "You'll get your chance for all of that."

"Not while you're alive," he growls and she stares at him frightened. He glares and she grabs one more handful of skittles off his branch and then hurries back to the house with his baleful glare on her back the whole way.

Taste the tension!

There's probably a reason I'm not in advertising. Meanwhile, the storm has broken and the sun is out! I may see if I can get the truck out sometime today.
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I had dreams I only remember pieces of. There was the whole part about being late for class, and something about steampunk copper wristwatches that you could send little text messages on. There was the group of people that I had known forever (but upon waking I had no idea who they all were). There was something about the sun setting over the trees and there was some body of water, maybe a lake, with a small tide coming in. I kept getting my feet wet and was throwing the broken glass I found back out so that it could be smoothed out by the time it was washed up again. There's probably some symbolism there.
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This is the second Sunday I've woken up with some plague or another. Last one, I woke up with my lip about to explode. This one, I woke up with my head packed full of ick. Luckily, I have this to cheer me up.

I don't remember much about the dream I had, except for this sentence:
"Killing people is like a box of chocolate. Sometimes, you get what you pay for."

I don't know what that was in reference to or who exactly said it, but I think it was meant to mock someone who was trying to give advice on the realities of taking the lives of others. Seeing that I've watched a lot of Human Target lately, it could have come from that.
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I didn’t do any classwork at ALL yesterday. I did eat five different kinds of pie, two of which are still in my fridge for a late breakfast. I also actually did some artwork. It is pretty bad. I haven’t done decent fanart in a long time and this is borderline terrible. But, mellowed by all the pie, I posted it anyway.

Meanwhile, a snippet of conversation remembered from a dream:

“Is he trustworthy?”

“He’s a mercenary. As long as the checks clear, he’s your boy.”

Now, back to research paper.
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Last night, I dreamed that there was a feral little boy living in a rotting house that I would visit. He would never talk, just crouch down and watch while I washed out tupperware that I found in dumpsters. They were full of sand. When anyone else showed up, he would duck into a back room with a speakeasy sliding peephole that he would look out of. You could also see his feet under the door.

So we’re having one of our usual visits. Then Oprah and Arsenio Hall show up. And the kid bolts for the back room. Only instead of the sliding thing, he is wrestling a plywood sheet over the door. I decide that we’re freaking him out (gee, ya think?) and I scoop up the containers and a pan I had found and start out the door. Behind me, Oprah and Arsenio both scream in alarm and I start running. Instead of an alley, it’s now the back corridor at work and I ducked into the D wing work room just to be out of sight. Just before I locked the door, I saw the kid run by, still holding the plywood, and that scared me so bad I woke up.

In that first few ‘gah!’ moments after waking up I came up with the panicked thought that maybe he had wanted the tupperware. I still haven’t figured out why that was scared me so badly in the dream.

In other news: Snow Day!
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I dreamed there was a little vampire child named Collette. She had long claws and when I wasn't being as frightened as she wanted me to be, she stabbed them through the book I was reading. That did startle me. She tried to stab me, but I dodged and she only got my shirt. So while I was figuring out how I was going to get away with staking a cute little girl through the heart, I started noticing that all the other little kids around had gone all Rennfield on me.

Not only where they going bonkers, but their bodies were transforming into cartoony twisted shapes. Kinda like these. A kid came up to me all freaked out and started bubbling liked bad claymation. He kept saying "I'm going, I'm going!" until I freaked and yelled "No, you're not!" and clubbed him over the head with my laptop. It didn't help. He turned into a gobliny thing, flapped his arms, and flew away. Yes, he did. And then up pops Collette and she says the crazy line from this dream, which was "He'd be a perfect pet for your gryphon."

If I hadn't been dodging the mutant children, I would've been very interested in this gryphon of mine, but while this went on a little girl with long blond hair went zombie. Her hair curled up into a poodle perm and her eyes got really blue until one cracked like glass and turned yellow. Then Collette started after me and I decided I had had enough and woke up.
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Haven’t slept well for the past few nights and I’m pretty sure it’s because it ‘s starting to get dark again. The trouble y’see, is that it gets kinda darkish at about 3 am, so that’s when my brain decides it can let me sleep. When it didn’t get dark at all, I managed to sleep. Now that it’s only a little dark a little while, all my internal clocks are off.

And in the hours I do catch some sleep, I dream about realllly boring things. Like shopping for yogurt. And finding every book but the one I’m looking for. How banal is that? I had a whole dream, a dream I remember clearly, and instead of doing something cool, I spent it in the dairy aisle looking for new flavors of yogurt to try. I looked up yogurt in the dream dictionary and it says that yogurt dreams mean I need to adjust my behavior appropriately for the situations I find myself in. It doesn’t tell me the appropriate behavior for sleep-deprivation dreams about yogurt, however.

My poor subconscious. Maybe it's working too hard.
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I've been in it all day. Everytime anyone says something, I jump to the worst possible conclusion.

Someone says they got serious news from the doctor. "OMG! Cancer!" (not even close)

The news says volcano has lots of ash in the air. "OMG! Endtimes!" (other news says that the volcano causing less air pollution than the flights it has cancelled. Is good thing?)

And this has gone on ALL. DAY.

I also had a nightmare right before waking up, now that I'm thinking of it... Maybe that's what got me going on the wrong foot this morning. I dreamed that I was given a whole pile of second hand stuff from somebody's yard sale and among the stuff was a sealed little lockbox that had a vampiric spirit in it. I didn't know that until it got out and got my sister who was a little kid again in this dream. So now she's a vampire child and being creepy, so I go looking for the box. Inside it are very old blank sheet music pages that has been spattered with blood and someone has made the blood drops into the musical notes and when she sees it, my sister went completely vampy (hair gone white, red eyes, fangs) and had to be stunned with a hammer by someone named Honest John. He also caught the original spirit, which looked like a scarecrow dressed in a tuxedo, and dragged them off, telling me not to worry about it.

And I've been worried about everything ever since.

Might have to draw some of the dream imagery though. I like the blood drops as music notes concept and the formal scarecrow.
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I dreamed I had to torture somebody for information. And it was comical, really, because I was the least threatening member of the party and not a bit intimidating. The weird thing is I was insanely, ravenously hungry and my cohorts had deliberately let me get that way so I would be at most psychotic when the time came for me to go all bad cop.

I think the guy I was supposed to torture was Baptiste from the last Human Target, but all I could think of was how much tougher he was than me. He was a professional killer and psychological warfare expert. And me? I just wanted to eat. Needed to eat so I could stop freaking out. What was I supposed to do??

So, I went for the ‘first day in prison’ method and did the craziest thing I could think of, which was to go to the kitchen and get a cleaver. He was restrained so I was able to get his arm across the table and I said something like “Normally, we’d start with the fingers, but I can’t wait that long. This is not the tool for the job. It’s a residential cleaver, not nearly sharp enough to do this right and the wrist is all full of bones and gristle, and this is gonna be messy, but the good news is that it will take long enough that you’ll have a chance to change your mind and talk before I get all the way through.”

And I start hacking away at him, talking about that Balinese girl I saw that could shoot arrows with her feet and how many body parts it might be possible to pull a trigger with so maybe he can still be a hitman when this is all over. And he’s yelling at me and finally, he says whatever he was supposed to, and my handlers brought me a bag of cheeseburgers and then the dream changed tracks. I was a different person in the group for the rest of it but I don't remember that part as well.

At least David Duchovny wasn’t narrating this one.


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