Nov. 15th, 2012 10:03 pm
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All the exclamations amuse me. Like they're shouting all the time. Like the aliens in Mars Attacks.
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• √ day one: read watchmen!! watch watchmen!!

• √ day two: draw your favorite character Quicky sharpie doodle!
• √ day three: draw your favorite pairing Bromance or romance, I just can't comfortably see them with anyone but each other.

• √ day four: do a makeshift cosplay
My first idea for a quick cosplay was to find my goggles and somebody willing to photograph me naked in the basement, but it didn't work out before I reconsidered*. Sooo, I did the next best thing:
Can you tell I made it myself? That's fifty cents worth of felt from Michael's and about five paperclipsin action right there.

• √ day five: write a short fic

*wussed out
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Sigh. If I was in a real town, I'd be getting a free comic book and watching Wolverine: Origins today.

But no. I am not in a real town. And I can't justify flying out to a real town until these new meds have had a chance to work and the Dr. wants to see me again. Maybe in two or three weeks. Sigh, again.

So, if you're out there and can get to a comic book store or a theater today, I say go! Enjoy that opportunity. Get your geek on and some free stuff too! And think of me in the land of ice and snow... which this week is mostly slush and mud. It was 25 degrees this week! Unreal. Last week everything was still frozen.
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Hoooo... been running today... which is surprising because I haven't really done too much. I did get free donuts today, though. And I got another load of my stuff over to the new place. We're calling the new apartment the Treehouse, which is kind of fun.

In the meantime, I went catalog-ordering happy yesterday, but what I should be buying is groceries. I had cottage cheese and pita bread for dinner.


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