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Back at the vet with Froud. Her face cancer is back and now she’s gotta go in every day this week for fluids. And I’ve gotta pay for it, which makes my stomach hurt a little. Not as bad as her face hurts, probably. Also, I wrote a Pacific Rim fic for the other day.


Feb. 26th, 2015 03:16 pm
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My cat’s dewclaws have grown in a full circle into her toe pads!

Gah! She’s been walking kind of funny, but she’s old and stiff so I didn’t think too much of it, but they were growing right back into the pad! And they were too long to pull out so I had to cut through the middle and when I pulled the end pieces out, blood and gunk came out and now she has holes in both her toe pads, and I just feel horrible that it got that bad and I never noticed.

It’s so gross! But I cleaned em out with q-tips and she’s licking them, so hopefully they’ll get better soon because there’s more high pitched vowel sounds like the ones I’ve been making on the way.
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Last night I had seen something move across the living room floor out of the corner of my eye. I figured it was a spider trying to get to cover before a cat saw it. But this morning in the kitchen, I saw it again. It is not a large spider. It is a tiny little mouse. These are the words I heard myself saying as we stared at each other:

Me: "Oh no. Oh nonono. You can't be here. You can't! You don't know what will happen! You don't know what they'll DO!"

I looked around to make sure the cats hadn't heard me and continued.

Also me: "The black and white one looks like an elderly duchess with one too many valium, but she will eat your head! EAT. Your HEAD. And leave the body for me to clean up and/or step on with my bare feet in the dark! Sob! It's happened before! And, and the stripy one? Oh man! He's like Jack Torrance and Norman Bates and Sweeney Todd all in one! It won't be quick. It will last the rest of your life. You have to go. Get out of here. Save yourself, mousie. You have to run! Run for your life!"

And then the mouse ran under the dishwasher and I went to work with the knowledge that I had done all I could. I haven't seen any little battered or headless bodies since I got home, so maybe he took my advice.
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I have successfully injected a cat with insulin! It's my first try at injecting anything. God was merciful and it was easy. I'm the second biggest wuss in the world about needles, but I did it! (The champion needle hizzy fit thrower is my youngest sibling. Seriously, you could hear the screams in the parking lot.)

The cat didn't cry or struggle or anything and I didn't jab myself or miss the cat. So, yay for me! The cat diabetes isn't such good news, but I am relieved that it is something I can deal with. And I get to use my Meg gif again.
 photo megcanhandleit_zps0220f35f.gif
For now, anyway.
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You know those Schticky rolly things they sell on tv? I got one at Walmart awhile back and it works great. I have cats and with cats you will have shed hair, clawed cardboard from their scratcher, scattered kibble, and today, the clipped off barbs off fish hooks. It's great for getting up those.

I live in an old house, and one of the previous owners left a weird tangle of wire and three-pronged fish hooks hanging on a hook in the back room of the basement. I don't fish, especially for anything I need a three-pronged hook for, and I really didn't have a better place for it, so I just left it there. That was two years ago.

I usually keep the back room in the basement closed, because it's the back room in the basement and that's where anything creepy will manifest if it happens. It got damp in there over the winter though and was smelling musty, so around Christmas time, I left the door open to let it air out. So, about three months ago.

Today, I was getting a load of laundry when I heard a crash and a commotion from the basement. You never want to hear a commotion from the basement when you live alone in an old house and you know the back room of the basement has been left open. But, then I heard this soft yowling and I relaxed. The crazy cat was up to something. So I got the rest of the laundry and started down. The yowling got louder and more frantic and it was coming from the dark recesses of the back room in the basement.

I was there with a laundry basket on my hip thinking, ok, this is how the creepy thing gets me. I go into the dark to find my kitty and instead there is something horrible imitating his meows to lure me in to the back room from which I will never emerge again. But I went anyway. He's my baby. I raised him on an eyedropper when I found him and sisters in a box on the side of the road. And I had a whole basket of dirty clothes to protect me.

I venture in, turn on the light, and look around. I can't see him, but I can hear him. It's a small room so there's only so many places he could be. And then I see him, hanging onto the back wall, trying to clamber up because somehow he is dangling from the fishhook wire and one of those three-pronged hooks is right through his face. I probably screamed, but I don't remember.

So I grabbed him and lifted him to keep the strain off and he got himself all tangled in wire. I got him upstairs and ruined a pair of shears cutting through the wire so that it was only one hook we had to deal with. I knew I didn't have anything that would cut through the fish hook, so I scampered across to my neighbor's house to ask to borrow some wire cutters. He lent me some and I wrapped the cat in a blanket to keep from getting clawed, pinned him down, pushed the hook through until I could reach the barb, clipped it off in two tries, and then pulled the whole hook off. Phew.

Then, I held him down again for some hydrogen peroxide. I'll call the vet on Monday to see what else I need to do. Do cats get tetanus? I don't even know.

But! that still left me with a patch of floor covered in hair, claw marks, and the clipped off barbs of fishhooks. With the Schticky, I was able to roll them all up and then check to be sure I had them all so I wouldn't find them by accident one barefoot day. They were all there so I picked them off and threw them away, and rinsed off the Schticky so it would be ready for another adventure. Seriously, that thing works great. I wonder if they make wire cutters.

Long story short: Cat. Fish hooks in the face. I went from
 photo 1c47d924.gif to  photo megcanhandleit_zps0220f35f.gif
and the hooks are now safely away. Also I got Phase 9 up. Just two more to go!
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Yesterday, I went to see the new Evil Dead with my cousin. It had all the horror of the original, with about twice the yuck, but not as much of the fun. I admit there were parts I looked away from.

I don't think it's too spoilery to say that the main thing I liked was that there was a reason five pretty people decided to go to an abandoned cabin in the woods. Helping a junkie friend go cold turkey away from anything else makes more sense than just heading out for make outs and piano lessons. On the other hand, these five were stupid. My cousin and I agreed that the movie would've been maybe 15 minutes long if we had been in it. Minor spoilers here, but as soon as either of us saw a blood trail leading to a trap door to the cellar, that would've been all she wrote.

"OK! Back to the car! We can detox just as easy at the beach. Chop chop. I will beat anyone who tries to open that door senseless with a tire iron and burn the whole house down. Seriously, if I catch any of you trying to read aloud anything more arcane than a shampoo bottle, you will not be safe around me ever again. Now get in the car."

The evil dead are going to have to use up their airline miles if they want to catch me, but the movie was honestly grosser than it was scary. I was hoping I wouldn't have nightmares and I didn't, but I did have weird dreams. It didn't help that the smoke detector battery went dead at about 3 am and started chirping.

I heard it in my dream and in my dream I started counting in between chirps, like counting between thunder and lightning to see how many miles away the storm is. I don't know what I was counting for, but it didn't take me long to realize that it wasn't just me. There was another little whispery, singsong voice counting with me. That scared me because I knew I was alone, and then I realized that the voice was coming from my cat.

She would never go higher than ten, but her voice kept getting more and more urgent and it was freaking me out a little so I woke up to get away from it. The smoke detector was still chirping, but I ignored it as best I could until daylight. I got some 9 volt batteries today, so hopefully that won't happen again any time soon.
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The axe murderer that shuffles through here is going to have an easy time sneaking up on me no matter how clumsy or undead he (or she) is. No matter what hideous, incongruous noise I hear in the night, in the shower, or leaning wayyyy over the washing machine, I always blame the cats.

Heavy, thumping footsteps? It's the stripey idiot jumping around on his haunches like a kangaroo. I've only actually seen him do it once, but I recognized the sound.

The barely-perceptibible scrape of claws splintering through the door? That's his sister. She objects to doors that are closed, even if she has no interest in the other side.

Long, ominous dragging sounds?

Cabinets opening and closing like a poltergeist has the munchies?

Faint, chilling crunching sounds?

Low, sinister hisses?

Deep, throaty gibbering?

All cats. They make all those noises regularly. So unless the gibbering starts to mention R'lyeh, I'll probably sleep through it.
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My cat has clawed my basement door jam to shreds and when I finally caught her in the act, I put her under a laundry basket and put some folded clothes on top so she couldn't just tip it over. Then I got a phone call and forgot I had done such a thing.

An hour later I was sitting in the living room when I was startled by the appearance of a small, slow-moving shadow in the hallway. She has managed to maneuver the basket through the side room, past the stairs, and into the living room. The pile of clothes are still on it. Her brother is very interested in this new game and purring his head off. She isn't as amused. If she makes it in reach of the couch, I'll take it off her.
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So, I am just nuts over Pinterest, and I have started saving paper towel and toilet paper tubes for all the myriad projects I now know of that can be made from tubes of various sizes.

Today, I discovered a new use for a toilet paper tube all on my own.

I was sorting laundry. Jean pile, t-shirt pile, undie pile, towel pile, things to iron* pile, and just as I was wondering if I should have a hoodie pile now that the weather is colder, I dropped some undies into their pile. I glanced down at the pile as I did so. Then I said "Bwah!" Because there on the floor by my unmentionables, dead as a doornail, was Mouse #3.

Had it been there the whole time? Had it been deposited there whilst I was merrily sorting? Which was worse?

There was a cat in sight, but he was paying neither of us any mind. Poor Mousie still had his head, so I knew which cat had done the deed**. But what to do? There to the right was my stash of paper tubes. So I took one and very carefully scooped the poor tattered little body up in it. Toilet paper tubes are perfect for mice. Dead ones, anyway. They fit inside and can be easily carried outside or to the nearest trash can. (I know somebody who would've used the sink disposal for mouse disposal, but that's just horrible. I couldn't bear the crunching.)

So! A new use for toilet paper tubes. Viking funerals for mice. With or without fire.

*Or in my case, things to let bounce around in the dryer before wearing.
**Do people with pets that aren't cats have serial killer MOs to follow?
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• √ day one: read watchmen!! watch watchmen!!

• √ day two: draw your favorite character Quicky sharpie doodle!
• √ day three: draw your favorite pairing Bromance or romance, I just can't comfortably see them with anyone but each other.

• √ day four: do a makeshift cosplay
My first idea for a quick cosplay was to find my goggles and somebody willing to photograph me naked in the basement, but it didn't work out before I reconsidered*. Sooo, I did the next best thing:
Can you tell I made it myself? That's fifty cents worth of felt from Michael's and about five paperclipsin action right there.

• √ day five: write a short fic

*wussed out
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Once again, I have been rendered delicious by bleach.

I bought some bleach today to see if that funky smell in the washing machine could be exorcised. The trip to Barrow is a hard one though, for man, beast, and cleaning supplies. The little jug of bleach I chose had a ding in the neck of it, but they were all damaged in some way or another. It seemed ok, so I bought it. It wasn't until I got home that I found that the ding was actually a nasty crack and there was bleach all over. Not a problem as I dumped it all in the washer anyway, but I did get some on my hands.

As soon as the cats discovered this, it was game over. Luckily I can type while rubbed, nibbled, gnawed, licked, and loved upon. If I was better at chemistry I would try to figure out what ingrediant bleach has that sets the cats off, and if I wasn't afraid of poisoning them, I would soak a toy in it for them.
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Nothing practical about these cats, Mr. eliot.

The little calico I named Clementine, but the twins named her Tanny, and Dad called Utukkuu. The tortoiseshell I called Guerrero, the twins called Toothless (HTTYD is a big hit around here) and Dad called Naku.

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Fic of the Day: Original The Biker story. I really need a name for it. He meets one of his fellow boarders under unusual circumstances.

And a bit of Ick for you. The two cats? They filled up the litterbox. In a NIGHT. I cleaned the box out and went to bed and next day, the cats were sprawled out in their usual lazy puddles.

“Ah,” they seemed to say. “Excellent. You’re awake. We have a little job for you, when you have a moment.”

My nose was way ahead of them.

“Phew!” I said. “Y’all sure are stinky today. I’ll just-WHAAAH!”

There wasn’t any loose litter in the box and two little happenings outside the box. No way just two cats could produce that much in just one night. I think they threw a party and didn’t tell me.


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