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Kittycat is still hanging in there. She is about finished with this batch of antibiotics. There is maybe half a dose left in the bottle and the little lady is going to have it. Her staggers and wobbles were all gone the first day which is a relief, but her blood work is still all crazed and she might still need insulin. We shall see. As it is, she snores so loudly, I thought there was an intruder in the house. Yeesh.

I have made myself another writing challenge. It is much like the last one, but this time, I'm going to try to go the whole month, writing a chapter a day, based on May's prompts over at [livejournal.com profile] 31_days. Here goes.

Meanwhile, the first month of the diet is over and I've only cheated a little bit with stuff that is technically allowed. I've learned that Walden Farms peanut butter tastes like the grease used to lube the machine that actually makes peanut butter. Maybe I can doctor it up enough to suit me.
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I came home from work yesterday and found that my unhooked cat can't walk straight anymore. She staggers around drunkenly until she completely loses her balance and then lays down. Of course, the vet was closed so I had to wait 'til today to take her in.

$226.78 later, we know that it could be diabetes, brain cancer, kidney disease, a stroke, or a humdinger of a ear infection. PUH-LEEEEZE let it be that last one. Antibiotics, I can deal with.

Sigh. There's meds and a new diet to be had and I'm hoping and praying it does the trick. I can't afford insulin or MRIs for a 14 year old cat. It's never the problem you expect, is it?
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[livejournal.com profile] eternal_chimera knows what to send me when I need saw d'aww.
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Augh. Rough day on a short stretch of highway.

On the way home from work, I saw a cat get hit by a truck coming the other way. The cat was spun head over heels into my lane so I hit the brakes. The truck didn't stop. Neither did the cat. It hit the ground running and there was a moment where I thought its back leg might be broken, but it didn't slow it down. I turned around and went back to look and I couldn't find it anywhere, so hopefully it made it home and there is somebody there to take care of it.

My poor sister was on the same stretch when the ipad that someone had left on the roof of the van flew off and was run over by the car behind her. Does anybody know how to get stuff off a roadkill ipad? Can we take it to an apple store or a Best Buy? Is that an option? Any good news I can give her would be appreciated.
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Today I learned three things:

1. Kitty has kidney troubles, but we caught it early.

2. Just because her brother is ok with taking pills doesn't mean Kitty won't fight like a wolverine on crack when I try to stick one down her throat.

3. Band-aids are hard to open with trembling, bloody fingers.

And this just occurred to me, making it more of a revelation than a learning experience, but when I made my list of BAMF trench coat-wearers I left out the most BA one of all! Marv!
With him on the team there's no stopping them.
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Cats are not for the faint of stomach.

My boy just swept in with a beanie baby in his mouth. I knew very well he hadn't really caught and killed a tiny little horse, but the sight of the little legs swinging as his fangs gripped its neck still made me gasp out loud.

Now he has dropped it and is lounging with his back to it, the very picture of predatory disdain. If this was a horror movie, it would be getting back to its feet for plushie vengeance! But it isn't. And I have no way of being sure the whole ordeal wasn't completely consensual.

What I do know is that I have been up for too long. Bedtime for bonzo, y'all.
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For every action there is a consequence. Sometimes more than one.

The cat that sets to work clawing the bathroom doorframe while her owner tries to luxuriate in the tub may find herself seized and tossed into the tub just to shut her up.

A person who gets a cat soaked in the knowledge that licking itself dry will occupy it long enough to finish a bath can also expect to find their pillow sopping wet and covered in cat hair when they get out of the tub.

The balance is kept*. The world keeps spinning on.

*None of which changes the fact that there was unprovoked dried cat puke inside the owner's shirt last week. It wasn't noticeable until the shirt had been pulled over the owner's head. Then it got icky.
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Today, my cat threw up what I thought was a hairball bigger than his own head. Gross enough by itself, but it turns out that it wasn't just a hairball. I was all worried because there was blood and lumpy things in there and I was wondering if a cat can actually puke its own guts out. That was before I became aware of the headless, half-eaten baby bunny in the yard.

We don't have enough paper towels to make that clean-up bearable. Yuck.
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Fic of the Day: 30 Days of Night

I stepped on my own woolly socks in the dark last night and about scared myself silly. How pathetic is that? In my defense, I do live with cats that try to kill me by getting under my feet on the stairs and also like to leave dismembered baby bunnies for me to step on (see an earlier entry for that trauma), and I have been finding severed animal parts outside, but stepping barefooted into unexpected fuzziness shouldn't cause a "WUH-Auuuuugh!" in the middle of the night.

Then again, the neighbors deserve it for their midnight furniture rearranging.


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