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I should've known that things weren't going too well for me when I stopped reading and drawing and other things that used to be all I wanted to do. I blamed it on stress and the classes and the job, but it didn't get any better when those things changed. Now the job is worse, the classes are over for now, and the stress is the new normal, but I was determined to take back my own interests. So, I did make it through the 50 books this year. My To-Be Read pile is pretty big thanks to the two year backlog of barely reading, but I'm working on it.

50 Books of 2016 )

This year dies tonight, and I can't be anything but relieved. The dread/hope of what the coming year will be can start tomorrow.
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Things I Learned Once Again Today:

1. People on a budget should NOT go to book stores.

2. I'm the reason the Barnes and Noble doesn't have carts. If it's too heavy to carry, I've chosen TOO MANY.

3. I probably can't afford more books than I can carry anyway.

4. Stay the hell AWAY from the chocolate cake/oreo layered dessert in the coffee corner and that goes for the pumpkin pie eggnog too. I get weighed in TOMORROW.

In news unrelated to my bibliomania, I finished two fics today. They were both started two years ago for a Halloween prompt and a random November prompt and are just now being completed. Better late than never!


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