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Tomorrow is the last day of school for kids. Hopefully it will be better than this one, because while Last Day Eve is usually miserable, I didn't need the children's help to be crazy today. I was loony when I woke up.

It took me four tries to braid my hair this morning and even then, there was a hunk of hair that I managed to miss. And instead of taking the whole braid out and starting over for the fifth time, I just snipped it off. This is not a rational decision. Because then I saw another strand sticking out. And another. And I had the scissors up to get it as well when I came back to myself. Cutting my own hair at 6am can't ever be a good thing. No. Stop. Put the scissors down.

Then I tripped over the cat and realized that I was late with her shot because I'd spent all morning tangled up in my hair and talking to myself. I was also late for putting on pants, making a lunch, and finding my shoes, and getting out of the house. Thank goodness it wasn't my turn to drive. Who knows what might've happened. As it was, the carpool dubbed me 'Britney' and told everyone to leave me alone.

And it's only Tuesday!
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I came home from work yesterday and found that my unhooked cat can't walk straight anymore. She staggers around drunkenly until she completely loses her balance and then lays down. Of course, the vet was closed so I had to wait 'til today to take her in.

$226.78 later, we know that it could be diabetes, brain cancer, kidney disease, a stroke, or a humdinger of a ear infection. PUH-LEEEEZE let it be that last one. Antibiotics, I can deal with.

Sigh. There's meds and a new diet to be had and I'm hoping and praying it does the trick. I can't afford insulin or MRIs for a 14 year old cat. It's never the problem you expect, is it?
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Yesterday was an infomercial day. Everything was much more complicated than it should've been. Nothing worked. I fumbled and tripped and got tangled in everything I got near. Murphy's Law or some voodoo curse was in full sway. And it had started out so well, too...

I had a to-do list and I was working my way through it. Then, I got to the paperwork packet from Summers County. Easy enough to fill out some forms, right? But one of them said I had to get a drug test within 48 hours of receiving said form or no go. That's where my orderly day ended. I called the local doctor, but he didn't do drug tests. They did direct me to an office 30 minutes away. I called to make sure it was ok to walk-in and they said to get there before noon. I scrambled to get ready for that and got two calls. One was a coworker asking me to cover for her the exact time of my appointment, and the other was the power company saying they had to shut off power for three hours to work on a pole. Yeesh.

Long story short, I spent that whole three hours driving to different hospitals until I found one who had seen the form I had before. And the weather changed from blizzard to sunny day at least a dozen times on the trip. I stopped at a Dairy Queen to get a mini- blizzard to celebrate getting the test done and surviving the weather-a-thon. It wasn't good. I have never had a blizzard of any kind that wasn't good. I declared the day unholy and went home.

The power was back on, but the cat tried to kill me as I crossed the kitchen. I'm used to stumbling over him, but this time he just wasn't able to get out of my way and I ended up kicking the poor idiot four times as I flailed across the floor. I admit the last one was just to get him out of the way before one of us was killed. He hid from me the rest of the day.

So far, today has been better!
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Tomorrow will be better.

what to do

Feb. 4th, 2012 07:20 pm
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I have joked and bemoaned here before about how Barrow is at it's absolute worst in February. Just a few days ago, I said something about not being sorry to miss Barrow in February.

Yesterday there was a news article about a man arrested for beating up some kids in Barrow, but none of us recognized the name of the man when it was released. No other names were released. Today, I got some grapevine information and if it is true, the two kids were the three and one year old daughters of a coworker of mine. The grapevine says that the three year old is dead and the one year old is brain-damaged. Nothing official has been said and Facebook is silent on it, so I'm hoping that this crazyrunawaygossip and it isn't true.

The older girl was in the preschool class next to mine last year. The cutest, smiliest little girl ever and it just makes me sick to think of her being hurt. Thinking of her being killed has me pacing the house talking to myself. I made myself sit down, but I can't leave it alone. I'm just shocked and horrified, praying it isn't true, and ashamed at how grateful I am that I'm not there right now. I don't know what to do or even if I should do anything since I don't know how much of it is true.

True or not, if you have any good thoughts to spare, send em up North. They're going to need them.
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Augh. Rough day on a short stretch of highway.

On the way home from work, I saw a cat get hit by a truck coming the other way. The cat was spun head over heels into my lane so I hit the brakes. The truck didn't stop. Neither did the cat. It hit the ground running and there was a moment where I thought its back leg might be broken, but it didn't slow it down. I turned around and went back to look and I couldn't find it anywhere, so hopefully it made it home and there is somebody there to take care of it.

My poor sister was on the same stretch when the ipad that someone had left on the roof of the van flew off and was run over by the car behind her. Does anybody know how to get stuff off a roadkill ipad? Can we take it to an apple store or a Best Buy? Is that an option? Any good news I can give her would be appreciated.
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List for Today:

1. Run all over like a chicken with its head cut off cleaning and getting ready for party and NC company.

2. Day of party: Keep finding things that MUST BE DONE.

3. Power goes out. What?

4. Sheepish stranger found lurking in my yard admits that he turned the power off because the bill wasn't paid. What??

5. Protest, because I've only been in this house a month or so and I haven't even got a bill to not pay yet. Man leaves.

6. Phone doesn't work because the power is out.

7. Cell phone battery dies midcall with Mom (on the road) while I ask what the account number is since it's not in my name.

8. Get sent to local bill paying station. Their system is down.

9. Get sent to local grocery store. They can't do it because I don't know my parents SS#.

10. Go to sister's house to use her phone.

11. Power company tells me they can't do anything without SS#s.

12. Mom has called them too. They say they can't turn it back until Wednesday. She yells at them. They change to Monday. She tells me that.

13. Faced with a house full of guests sitting in the dark with no a/c while the food goes bad, and all my work come to naught, I snap like a twig.

14. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Weep bitter, hysterical tears all over sister.

15.Plans B, C, and D are presented. I slowly get a grip.

16. Decide to have party and guests elsewhere. Go home to get address book to call them all and tell them.


18. Sink briefly into madness. Resurface.

19. NC guests cancel until tomorrow. Headdesk twice.

20. Party time!

The party really did go well. I got to see friends and relatives and I think they all had a good time. And! I got free stuff! Pretty stuff.

So, as crazy as I was, it all turned out ok, and I think I'm going to sleep GOOD tonight. I don't know why I was so bonkers. I guess the moral is that it only takes a little while with no air conditioning to send me screaming off the deep end. Good to know.
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There are days when the stars align and the wind blows from the East and all is right and you can truly feel that there is a plan and a place in the universe just for you.

This is not one of those days.

This is the kind of day where every single thing you touch goes wrong. Everything. I’ve always had a certain level of Ward vs, Technology in effect, but it’s the first time I’ve considered moving to Amish country to lay low until it passes. The butter churns would probably self-destruct as soon as I got there. Cows would go dry. I’d be very humbly asked to get my cursed self elsewhere.

And it‘s not just machines. People have melted down on contact with me all day as well. Wardrobes have malfunctioned. Things that have worked just fine have suddenly been dead as doornails. Until, y’know, I paid $253 to have it replaced and then and only then, did the old one come back to life. It worked fine as soon as the new one was brought home. I may have sworn out loud.

Thank goodness the Fairbanks trip is tomorrow. Any plane I got in today would have either explode or have some sort of zombie outbreak in flight. Now I’m going to sit here a bit and hope the laptop doesn’t electrocute me and that I won’t choke to death on a corn chip.
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It’s an ill wind that blows so much crazy.

Seriously. The kids I work with are always squirrelly. They can’t help it. I don’t blame them. I just raise my voice to be heard over the clamor and try to separate the ones actually doing harm to each other. The last two weeks though? Right after the weather turned windy and cold? Madness.

There has not been a single day that somebody hasn’t thrown a screaming tantrum, had to be pulled bodily off the person they are fighting, run all over the place until they crash into something (twice it’s been me), or just stood and shrieked to Heaven with big ol’ tears just dripping down their faces. The last one gets on my nerves because it happens two or three times a day and the cause is usually something like “I saw her quietly looking at a book so I GRABBED IT FROM HER and then SHE GRABBED ME and took it BACK! WAAAAAAHHHHNNN.”

Is it something in the air? In the water? Is the waxing moon? Usually I have a day or two like this, maybe once a month, in rough times, once a week. This has been every. Frickin. Day.

And on top of that, I have classes to do and papers to write and I’m fast losing my sense of humor about the whole thing. That last nerve you’ve heard tale of? Mine’s just about stomped flat.
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I've been in it all day. Everytime anyone says something, I jump to the worst possible conclusion.

Someone says they got serious news from the doctor. "OMG! Cancer!" (not even close)

The news says volcano has lots of ash in the air. "OMG! Endtimes!" (other news says that the volcano causing less air pollution than the flights it has cancelled. Is good thing?)

And this has gone on ALL. DAY.

I also had a nightmare right before waking up, now that I'm thinking of it... Maybe that's what got me going on the wrong foot this morning. I dreamed that I was given a whole pile of second hand stuff from somebody's yard sale and among the stuff was a sealed little lockbox that had a vampiric spirit in it. I didn't know that until it got out and got my sister who was a little kid again in this dream. So now she's a vampire child and being creepy, so I go looking for the box. Inside it are very old blank sheet music pages that has been spattered with blood and someone has made the blood drops into the musical notes and when she sees it, my sister went completely vampy (hair gone white, red eyes, fangs) and had to be stunned with a hammer by someone named Honest John. He also caught the original spirit, which looked like a scarecrow dressed in a tuxedo, and dragged them off, telling me not to worry about it.

And I've been worried about everything ever since.

Might have to draw some of the dream imagery though. I like the blood drops as music notes concept and the formal scarecrow.
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It's just one thing after another...

A woman has gone missing out on the tundra, so search and rescue is out there trying to find her. She's been gone since Friday. And back home, my aunt may or may not still be with us. I haven't heard either way. I said before that these things happen in threes, but this puts us up to five. Six if you count both the little girls that drowned.
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Saddest day at work ever.

Two four year olds drowned in the lagoon yesterday. They were cousins and in the same class. They were sledding about a block or two from where they lived. They went down the hill and onto the ice and fell through. Someone saw the sled and the hole in the ice and got their binoculars. They saw something floating and called 911.

One girl was unresponsive, but the other had some life signs, but neither could be revived. The whole preschool staff went to the house today to offer condolences. If anything is more sad than a family sobbing the names of their dead children while clutching their last little preschool assignments, I don’t want to know about it. I have hugged many people that I don’t know today, but I do know that grief is one of those things you can’t do anything about but be there.

The subject is a line from an Emily Dickinson poem. It's a sure indication I'm upset when I start looking up Dickinson. There was a sign up that said 'Thin Ice', but they were four years old! Still learning the alphabet. The first thing you want to do is scream "Who was watching them?" but it's such a small town that everybody pretty much watches everybody, and these two managed to find a moment when no one was around, or going by, and slide just a little too far.

So it's about as sad as it can be, with the bodies coming back tonight, and another family gathering tomorrow. I'm just glad to be home!
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So, we took the little guys on their first field trip today. We went down to the beach to let them beachcomb a little. They found rocks and shells, feathers and driftwood, and a few stranded sea weeds. It was windy and cold and the gray waves were crashing and we had police escort in case of bears. It was weird and stressful, but I think they enjoyed it. A few of the grownups mentioned that is was a shame there wasn't more stuff for them to dig up. Parents wanted to go out ahead of time, to plant things for them to find.

It wasn't until later that I found this.

Now, I'm just glad that we didn't stumble on that beach. Preschool is too early for that kind of trauma, though it might deaden the pain that comes in 4th or 5th grade when the reading list turns torturous. (Where the Red Fern Grows, Bridge to Terabithia, Diary of Ann Frank, The Yearling, Taste of Blackberries, Red Pony, etc.)
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I already vented at [livejournal.com profile] slayersyrena about this and enjoyed it so much that I might as well gripe about it here.

When I started my current job two years ago, I had to go through a whole mountain of paperwork, because I was suddenly a teacher without actually being one, and I needed to get a provisional certification to be legal and not just a warm body with a Bachelor's Degree and no criminal record. I also had to promptly enroll in a program to get that certificate, which had to be a distance program since I am in Barrow, Alaska.

I did all that.

And the program I enrolled in just about drove me up the wall. Sooo much paperwork drama and hassle without actually being there in person to fix anything. There was much frustration and gnashing of teeth.

Then, the lady in charge of paperwork here put in her two weeks notice. A week later, she was fired and sent out with no one trained to take her place or anyone knowing what was going on. Shortly after, some wide-eyed little office person informs me that all that paperwork I filled out a year ago has vanished from the face of the earth and not only does the state department not have any legal reason to keep me employed, but maybe they never did....

SOOOOOO, I run around all crazy, fill out all the paperwork again, go get fingerprinted again, request all my college transcripts again (there's three of them), pay to get a copy of my Praxis scores again, get my proof of enrollment again, and then get the whole mess notarized, and include a money order (they won't take anything but!) for $191 for the certification fee. I mail it off with a sigh of relief and go back to work.

A week later, it's back on my desk. There was a form that wasn't included. Which one? Who knows, but after a minor email volley we found the one that was missing. I filled it out, got it signed, stuffed it back in, and sent it out again. Surely, I thought, I have finally done everything they wanted me too.

A bit later, I finally had enough of crazy program shenanigans and left it to woo some enrollment in another certification program. Hopefully, a sane and/or competent one.

Two weeks ago, a CO employee came scuttling into the classroom, all bug-eyed and borderline accusatory, telling me that the state had never received the packet and was I sure I had mailed it? Of course I was! I had the receipt from the post office and the notary, and for the money order! I waved it at her, borderline maniacally. But for naught.

I have to do it all AGAIN. So I did. I filled out the paperwork, got new fingerprints, got new transcripts, the works. The only thing I don't have is proof of enrollment from the new program because they need copies of my transcripts too. Since I had just recently sent a new set to CO, naive fool that I am, I request them back. It takes FOUR DIFFERENT EMAIL EXCHANGES for those people to finally TELL ME that they can't give me my new transcripts to send to the program, and I can't even have them to send to the state with the packet as originally intended, BECAUSE, and this is the part that paralyzed all my facial muscles for a few minutes, THEY OPENED THEM.

Transcripts are only official if they're still sealed! The state will only accept official transcripts! Just like they'll only accept money orders! WWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYY???

But I like my job. So I'll do it. It'll just take longer than I thought. Grarrr!
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So, it's after 2 am, and I'm just getting back from the school.

I spent most of the day (yesterday that is)getting my class' memory books ready. I also made a pie. Then I went to the get-together with the pie. At about a quarter to 11 (pm) I left the party and went to the school to get the book printed. I figured no one would be there. I would have the printers to myself. Barring any unforeseen technical difficulties, I would be done by midnight. Right?


Now each memory book has about 10 pages, maybe more depending on the attendance and general levels of shyness of the child. If the kid's a ham, he or she will have a few extra pictures. If they walk around with their hands over their faces every time they see a camera, well, I'll take a few pictures of that just to be a jerk, but I won't fill the whole book with it. But anyway, thirty four students, roughly ten or so pages each. It's a big print job, which is why I was going in late at night so it wouldn't take forever with eight other teachers trying to use the color printer.

That was my logic anyway.

Tonight, Printer 119, for reasons of its own, can only print one page every three minutes, with a fifteen minute lull in between queues. I timed it. And it took a full frickin' three hours just to get all the files queued. Which is INSANE. There's no way it should take that long. Nothing else I've ever printed on that printer has ever taken anywhere near that long. By the end of hour three, I had had enough and left it to leisurely print its way through the queue. I'll go in check it again around noonish.

And while I'm griping, I REALLY hate that Dorito's commercial with the chick in that taxi eating late night taco flavor Doritos or whatever and everything around her turns to a night club. She eats those chips like they're made of glass and she doesn't want to cut her tongue. She eats them like she hates them. If you wanna sell chips, hire somebody who can at least take a bite of one without the squeamish daintiness that suggests they found this chip on the seat of that cab when they got in, but are being paid to eat it.
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My first real meal of the day has had a tranquilizing effect. I'm settling down. Just an hour ago, I was not so serene.

I had the usual Tuesday at work. Not too bad. Still a little squirrelly. I had a light lunch in the middle of it and went to the post office afterwards. There I waited half an hour to buy stamps to mail the bills. Sigh. Annoying, but bearable. On the way home from there, the truck's fan belt goes out.

I manage to get the truck home before anything really hideous happens, but then I can't get the hood open to check anything. The hood will NOT open. No matter what I try. Grrr. I said, but after roughly 20 minutes sitting in the cold trying to make the hood switch work, I gave in and went in to call for help.

Help came! Two white knights. It took them three hours as opposed to the rest of my life it would have taken me. Yay for them!

And then I had to hurry to get to the auto supply to get oil before they closed. Didn't make it. Went to the gas station instead. They had some. This time, the hood opened, thank goodness. Went to pick up Mom at the airport and nearly ran smack the hell over two little grade school kids on a snowmobile who thought they had time to scoot across the road in front of me. They didn't. I nearly killed them. Scared me half to death. And they just sat there, grinning at me, as I went all over the place trying to stop on ice and not splatter those stupid grins all over the front of the truck! I was completely sideways in the road before I stopped, and by the time I got to the airport my nerves were just about shot.


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